CDS celebrates its 31st anniversary

The Central Depository System (Pvt) Limited (CDS), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE), celebrated its 31st anniversary on 02nd September 2022, marking another milestone in the company’s journey.

An event to mark the occasion was held at the CDS office premises in Rajagiriya in the presence of Rajeeva Bandaranaike, the CEO of the CSE, Renuke Wijayawardhane, the Chief Regulatory Officer (CRO), and the Senior Management and staff of the CSE and the CDS.

The CDS celebrates over three decades in the depository business, earning the trust of a large number of shareholders and users of the system. The organization was established on the 30th August 1991 to act as a depository in respect of securities traded on the CSE and to facilitate the settlement of securities that are traded. The CDS is the first depository in the South Asian Region and one of the first few depositories globally.

At present, the CDS interacts with 45 depository participants comprising 29 Stockbroker Firms and 16 custodian banks. In addition, the CDS services 290 listed issuers and over 800,000 CDS account holders.It processes over 40,000 transactions, facilitates the opening of 907,536 CDS accounts and over 60 account holder change requests on a monthly basis.

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