Ambewela Milco factory diesel fraud before CID

Milco Chairman Renuka Perera said that he will file a complaint with the Criminal Investigation Department regarding a fuel fraud related to selling of more than 132,000 liters of diesel illegally at the Ambewela Highland Dairy Factory. The chairman said that he had received the report related to the investigation into the fraud and disciplinary action had been taken against several employees involved in it.

Renuka Perera noted this making a special statement to the media after joining an observation tour of Ambewela Highland Dairy Factory.

“In late 2019, 2020 and 2021, a serious fraud has taken place in this institution. I found information that more than 130,000 litres of diesel has been sold fraudulently. Accordingly, last week I appointed an investigation team for this and later received their report. According to the report, I came to this place and took the necessary preliminary actions. On the 20th I am going to make a complaint to the Criminal Investigation Department in this regard,” he said. He said necessary measures have been taken so far to suspend the person directly involved in the crime and another officer who aided him and to transfer an officer of that department for not mentioning the information.

A complaint will made to the Criminal Investigation Department to find out if there was anyone else involved and to uncover further details,he added.


by Daily News Sri Lanka

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