A Hunt for Lost Dogs Uncovers Bones of Woman Missing for 5 Years

The remains of a woman missing for nearly five years have finally been found.

A dog owner searching for her missing pets made the shocking discovery last month in Youngstown, Ohio in a wooded area. The bones were wrapped in cloth.

Authorities gave a press conference on Tuesday announcing the remains belonged to Amy Hambrick (pictured above). Amy vanished in November 2017.

Chief of Detectives Capt. Jason Simon told press that the remains were transported to Mahoning County Coroner’s Office, where the bones were assembled by Dr. Loren Lease from Youngstown State University’s anthropology department.

Following the skeletal assembly, forensic dentists identified the remains as Hambrick from dental records, per local WKBN.

Due to the condition of the remains, authorities are listing the cause of death as undetermined at this time while they actively investigate.

Capt. Simon said, “Someone knows what happened.”

He said that detectives will be interviewing and re-interviewing people in the wake of the discovery as well as additional testing on the remains for any further evidence.

Since Hambrick’s disappearance in 2017, authorities have used interviews, cadaver searching canines, warrants, and electronic devices in the hunt to find her.

Hambrick is survived by a daughter, and her family has never given up on trying to find out what happened.

Hambrick’s mother, Debby Dolin, told WKBN in 2018 of her daughter and granddaughter: “Her and Jayden were like two peas in a pod, always together… She misses her mommy so much.”

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