Zachary Levi Details How Playing Nintendo Wii with Friends Landed Him in the ER

The Nintendo Wii was a revolution in video gaming when it came out in 2006, offering interactive game play with its innovative game controllers. But it also offered innovative ways for people to break things — and apparently themselves.

The most common problem for early adopters of the system was when they would accidentally lose their grip on the handheld controllers, launching them directly into their televisions. “Shazam” star Zachary Levi didn’t have that problem, though he might wish he had.

While chatting with his “Shazam: Fury of the Gods” costars with IMDb, Levi opened up about his experience breaking in the new console when it first came out. And breaking something else!

He talked about the console’s warning screens that told gamers to make sure there was a clear playing area to minimize potential accidents, “so we moved the couches like into the backyard, my entire living room was totally empty so we could be playing baseball and tennis and all that kind of stuff.”

He said everything was going great and he and his friends were having a blast until he decided to make an epic move during a tennis match.

“What I failed to recognize is that I had a light fixture that was within arm’s extended reach right above me,” Levi laughed. “It doesn’t say look above you in the opening screens – it says make sure nothing’s around you. And so I smashed through this glass, this thick and, like, a half dome.”

Levi said that the glass “exploded everywhere in the room” and he was left standing there, Wii controller dangling from his wrist while blood dripped from his hand. So at least he safely secured the controller to his wrist!

“And then I had to tell an ER doctor at 3 in the morning why I was in the ER.”

Co-star Lucy Liu asked if he’d at least won the game, and he confirmed that he did. So a good story, he didn’t break his TV and he emerged victorious?! That sounds like a win-win-win!

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