Youth and aunt in illicit relationship, uncle kills him with an axe

New Delhi: In the Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh, a young person was killed with an axe. The body was discovered in a field of sugarcane. Two uncles who were dating are accused of the deceased’s murder. The deceased allegedly had a romantic relationship with the accused’s sister. She is the aunt of the deceased in relationship.

Body was found in a field

According to Hardoi’s Beniganj Kotwali police, the young man’s dead body was discovered in a field. Beniganj resident Ramkumar, 20, was murdered with an axe while he was at his farm. Real brothers Mohit and Rahul, who live in Madhapai village, were detained by the police in connection with the homicide.

Motive for murder

Talking about the motive for the murder, the accused said that Ramkumar was having an illicit love affair with his sister. Ramkumar and the deceased are relatives. His sister used to be Ramkumar’s aunt in relationship.

Ramkumar was seen with the woman

They claimed that they have several times forbade Ramkumar from having a relationship with their sister. But he did not listened to them. A few days back also they saw him meeting their sister. They got furious and killed him. His body was thrown in the field.

Police said this

SP Rajesh Dwivedi said that the youth has been murdered over illicit relationship. The dead body was thrown in the field after killing it. Two uncles who were in a relationship have been arrested for the murder of the nephew. The axe used for the murder has also been recovered from them. A case has been registered and further action is being taken against the accused.

Police also informed that Mohit and Rahul were about to kill their sister too. But before they could do any such thing the police took both of them into custody.

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