Woman who left child and ran away arrested

The woman who fled after giving her two-year-old child to a man to whom she befriended on a flight from Dubai to Colombo recently has been arrested by the Police at Udugama, Galle.

Police say the man from Kalutara who returned to the country recently after working in Dubai for 11 years had met the woman with the two-year-old child on the plane and had developed a friendship.

Both had shared a van from the airport to travel to Kalutara. After arriving at Kalutara, the woman had told the man that she had to go to a shop and had asked him to look after the child until she returned but failed to do so. The Police had taken custody of the child after the man lodged a complaint with the Kalutara Police.

The child was presented to the Court and placed on probation and orders were issued to the Police to arrest and produce the woman.

“The arrested suspect has been in Dubai for three years. A Police officer said that investigations revealed that she had given birth to this child there. The 44-year-old woman has three children here,” Police officer said.

by Daily News Sri Lanka

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