Will defeat Modi in 2024; BJP now scared of us, says Tejashwi Yadav

Patna: In an interaction with News24’s Sukesh Ranjan, RJD leader and Deputy CM of Bihar Tejashwi Yadav said that the “situation in the country has completely changed now and our alliance with Nitish Kumar is for the nation”.

In direct reference to BJP-led Central government, he said that ED and other law enforcement agencies are being used to crush the voice of opposition leaders. Which state is in India where people choose a stable government and BJP doesn’t try to take down respective governments? See what happened in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka. The governments in each of these states were toppled by BJP.”

He further added that the “people of India are watching what this government is doing. Such things never existed in India before.”
Lauding the recent development in his state, he said “if you (BJP) try to crush regional parties, will we allow you to do this”? This cannot happen.

He noted that the people of Bihar are now happy that we both “have come together”. We together have sent a to the entire country that “if such things can happen in Bihar, why cannot happen in other parts of the country”? This can certainly happen, he said.

This is a direct message to all the regional parties that we “are going to win the 2024 general elections. We all need to save Ganga-Jamuna Tehjeeb and the constitution of this country.”

Responding to a question that they only have formed an alliance of two parties to defeat Modi, he added, “all the parties are breaking ties with BJP and see how their most loyal partner in north India left them.”

Raising the issue of the misuse of central agencies — ED, CBI and Income Tax Department, he continued that this has happened despite all these agencies being under their control. And I am sure, he added, “they will use these agencies against us including Nitish Kumar.”

He also cited that “we do not afraid of such threats and ready to face any situation. On the contrary, they are in fear today.”

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