Wife kills husband, chops body, cooks biryani with body parts

New Delhi: A case has of murder has emerged from Iran. The incident is such that it can make your soul tremble. A shocking report of murder has come to light from Eslamshahr, Tehran’s capital. Here a wife killed her husband and chopped him into pieces. She later on went to cook his body parts.

According to local media reports, a 22-year-old woman has brutally murdered her husband. She did not only stopped at this. She went way further. According to her confession to the police she chopped off the body of her husband.

As per the accounts of the neighbors, the woman was allegedly cooking the body parts of her husband. She actually, put the organs of her husband in a ‘handi’ and was trying to cook some sort of ‘biryani’.

According to the local police officials, the woman became aware that her husband was involved in infidelity. The police also informed that the woman was forcibly married at the age of 15. Her husband did not take any interest in her.

The woman was arrested

According to The Sun, the woman said, “I was tired of this behavior and that’s why I killed him. I saw my husband and his lover at home, and we had an argument after that woman left. My husband brought the knife. I told him if he was cheating on me, he should kill me so he could get rid of me. He handed the knife to me.”

She further said, “I held the knife to my stomach and asked, ‘How would you kill me if you wanted to kill me? ‘I’d stab you in the stomach,’ he said. So, I took the knife and stabbed him and said: ‘That’s how I’ll kill you.’”

She then said, “I couldn’t understand how I did it all of a sudden. He fell to the ground and remained motionless.”

The Sun reported also quoted Eslamshahr police chief Colonel Ali Aghakarkhane said: “At first, the accused made contradictory statements, but then went on to describe the murder in detail and claimed that she killed her husband due to an unusual relationship that he shared with another woman.”

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