WFH spikes addiction to ‘adult movies’, people watching it up to 14 hrs a day

New Delhi: According to media reports, the proliferation of work-from-home cultures brought on by the pandemic has led to an upsurge in adult movies addiction in the UK. As per experts, the number of UK people seeking medical assistance for the issue has nearly doubled. The problem initiated as remote working became popular during the pandemic.

Experts claim that some casual ‘adult movie’ viewers have developed addictions as a result of uncontrolled temptation. Reason being the availability of such content with only a few clicks and an internet connection.

The largest ‘sex’ and ‘adult movie’ addiction treatment center in Britain is The Laurel Centre located in London. It reported that it is currently treating some remote workers who watch up to 14 hours of porn every day. The clinical director of the center, Paula Hall, claimed that work-from-home meant that people now spend more time alone in front of computers than before.

“It means you have got more opportunity, you do not have to wait until you get home at night, you can be more impulsive during the day,” she was quoted as saying to MailOnline.

According to the data, the Laurel Centre saw 750 ‘adult movie’ addicts in the first half of 2022 vs 950 for the entire year of 2019. Hall stated that this year’s clinic visitors “require more intense care.”

According to the survey, therapists at the London clinic aid clients with ‘adult movie’ addictions for about 600 hours per month currently as opposed to merely 360 hours per month in 2019.

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