WATCH: Man proposes girlfriend in Ukraine’s warzone, she says YES!!

New Delhi: A video clip has surfaced from Ukraine amidst war which is becoming fiercely viral on social media. In this heartwarming video, a man from rescue team man can be seen proposing his girlfriend.

Anton Gerashchenko shared this video on Twitter. According to Gerashchenko’s resume, he is an adviser to Ukraine’s internal affairs.

Along with this video he wrote, “This is our present reality; We joke about ‘war-life balance’. After saving people, this rescuer is now proposing. Now that the danger is over, the siren has started sounding in joy. Everyone’s life has been affected in Ukraine after the war, and everything is intertwined.”

In the beginning of the video, the rescuer is seen kneeling and proposing to his girlfriend. In the video, the onlookers and additional rescuers can be seen applauding the couple. But the most interesting thing about this whole incident is that as soon as the girlfriend accepts the proposal, the siren of the rescue vehicle starts ringing in the form of Harsh.

One Twitter user tweeted, “Amazing. Congratulations to this lovely couple.” Another netizen commented, “Love and best wishes to these youngsters. A third person commented, “Congratulations.” “damn cute. Dreams are made of Ukrainians, after all. My congratulations to the couple and I wish them a long and happy life.” Another said, “And thanks to the firefighters for keeping everyone safe.”

This video went viral on 30 July. It has been viewed over 21,000 times since being posted. Various comments have been made on the post. Others responded using heart-shaped emoticons.

Many Ukrainian couples were engaged or married on the frontline since Russia invaded their country in February. The ongoing war has left thousands dead and millions displaced.

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