WATCH: 4-story building collapses in seconds in Mumbai

New Delhi: A disastrous picture is coming from Mumbai’s Borivali area. Here a four-story building collapsed in a matter of seconds. The sight was definitely horrific for anyone who witnessed the incident.

The building collapsed like house of cards. Thankfully, no one was hurt in the incident. The building was located in the Sai Baba Nagar area of Borivali.

मुंबई में बड़ा हादसा, बोरीवली में पल भर में भरभराकर गिरी 4 मंजिला इमारत

— News24 (@news24tvchannel) August 19, 2022

The building was identified as he A-wing of Gitanjali Complex. There are 4 buildings in the Gitanjali Complex. All of them has been designated under the C1 category by BMC (Mumbai Municipal Corporation) in 2020 itself.

Living here was like taking a chance with life. However, the residents challenged the decision of BMC in the High Court. Since the matter was sub-judice the BMC did not take any action against the residents of the building.

Today, the residents felt tremor in the A wing building of Gitanjali Complex. At around 10 am, the 3 families living in the building were evacuated. Within two hours of the evacuation the building collapsed.

No one was harmed in the incident as the residents of the building were evacuated earlier. Following the collapse of the building, all the 75 families living in the remaining 3 buildings have been ordered to evacuate. The BMC has arranged for these families to take shelter in BMC schools for the time being.

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