Vishal Joshi aspiring students to crack JEE Advanced with his Show ‘Dukhi Aatma’

For any nation, education is the cornerstone of social and economic change. The country’s literacy rate is one of the most important socio-economic development indicators since it significantly impacts how well or poorly other indicators perform, including the economy’s growth rate, birth rate, death rate, and infant mortality rate (IMR). In India, a high literacy rate contributes to a low IMR, a low birth rate, and an increase in life expectancy. So, it is clear why the Indian education sector is so important. India’s educational system is one of the best in the world today and has seen significant improvement. Additionally, it is one of the main drivers of the country’s economic expansion. Along with different government initiatives, private institutions played a crucial part in the growth of India’s education sector.

However, after high school, one usually needs to crack different cut-throat competitive exams such as the JEE (Joint Entrance Exam), a national-level exam conducted to get into engineering colleges. Statistically speaking, over 8 lakh (8,84,138) students attempted JEE Main 2020 in the January session, compared to 6 lakh (6,49,612) in the September session. In 2019, 10,19,855 students attempted the January session, and over 10 lakh (10,25,128) students participated in the April session. Similar to how 1,61,319 students attempted the 2019 session of the engineering entrance test, 1.5 lakh students (1,50,838) attempted the IIT entrance exam, JEE Advanced. According to the IIT-official Delhi’s data, only 1,60,864 students have registered for the JEE Advanced out of the over 2.5 lakh candidates who are eligible to apply. In the previous three years, this is the lowest. There were around 1.73 lakh students in 2019 and 1.65 lakh in 2018.

Vishal Joshi is one such innovator in the field of education, breaking down barriers and questioning accepted standards in the contemporary world. Vishal Joshi, co-founder, and head of the department at the renowned Kota-based Nucleus Education, has established a standard that encourages students to step outside their comfort zones and excel in their chosen fields of study. His extensive inorganic chemistry skills have successfully instructed pupils and enlightened hopefuls. However, with the effects of the pandemic and the tragic second wave that touched closer to home this past year, the educational environment in India underwent a tectonic shift.

When the everyday student conversation and in-person classroom lectures abruptly disappeared from schools and universities all around the nation, India embraced the new era of remote learning with remarkable quickness and dedication. Nearly overnight, teachers were upskilled, pupils adapted to the “new normal,” and curricula were changed. With many educational institutions embracing the hybrid model, what was once thought to be a “short fix” has been the standard for the past 18 months and appears to be here to stay.

As a mentor to ICHO Gold Medalist Kshitz Gargm, ICHO Silver Medalist Sharvik Mittal, ICHO Silver Medalist Ayush Kadam, ICHO Bronze Medalist Kushal Babel, and ICHO Bronze Medalist Yash Mishra, recipient of PradhanMantri Bal Shakti Puraskar 2020, the counselor has received recognition. Education has advanced more since the pandemic. It is crucial to have a focused, motivated, and disciplined mindset to attain top rank in the competitive tests if you want to pass with flying colors. The growth of progressive and tenacious views has led to an increase in engineering professions. As a result, many academic institutions are stepping up to support students in passing the IIT-JEE exams and developing their inorganic chemistry skills.

Moreover, recently the co-founder, and head of the department at the renowned Kota-based Nucleus Education has launched his Show ‘Dukhi Aatma’ on YouTube Channel where he motivates and inspires students to push themselves and put their utmost efforts in order to pass with flying colors in their chosen fields. His show is dedicatedly created for all the JEE and NEET aspirants. Vishal Joshi is time and again encouraging students to believe in themselves and produce productive results that they have always desired for. With his first-of-its-kind educational show he is educating the students about constructive JEE strategy, tips and tricks to crack the entrance exam, and result-oriented courses & lectures that assists the students in a very comic and subtle way. The name of the show is named as Vishal Joshi Sir v/s Dukhi Aatma Show on YouTube Channel and has acclaimed numerous subscribers for the credible and authentic content. Furthermore, the show includes 20 episodes in 1 series and the audiences can attain great insight and knowledge from the episodes.

Vishal Joshi became the most-watched instructor on the online learning platform “Unacademy” and is educating the next generation of leaders through first-rate physical training. Vishal Joshi began his career as an inorganic chemistry instructor with Bansal coaching programs. After that, nothing has been able to stop him from attaining incredible successes that have allowed him to become well-known in the education sector. Additionally, he has grown in notoriety after taking on the roles of Director and Co-Founder of Nucleus Education Kota.

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