TODAY Guest Host Explains Why He Pushed Jenna Bush Hager on Live TV

Justin Sylvester says everyone has it totally wrong when it comes to his recent interaction with Jenna Bush Hager on the TODAY Show.

A clip of the guest host pushing Jenna Bush away during an on-air cooking segment with chef Andy Baraghani started making the rounds.

In the segment Jenna can be seen touching Justin’s shoulder and putting her arm around him. He then extends his arm, pushing her away to get space. (You can watch the full segment here.)

Viewers took to social media to speculate on what happened and why he brushed her away.

“Jenna Bush was way too handsy with @HodaAndJenna contributor, Justin Sylvester,” said one viewer.

While another wrote, “This is not okay. She blatantly ignored his ‘no,’ violating his personal space and repeatedly touching him.”

However, Justin has a completely different explanation, which he gives in a video captured by The Shaderoom.

He started off addressing the chatter online: “Some people thought that she was invading my space, and that’s actually not true.”

Justin went on to explain he was “flirting with the chef” and he only brushed Jenna away so he “could have a one-on-one moment with the chef.”

He praised Jenna for being a “big champion” of him and cautioned people to not “just jump to conclusions.”

He then described Jenna as “one of the nicest, most welcoming people I’ve ever met.”

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