TikTok Video Shows 'Trick' to Save $89 at Airport Check-In By Destroying Your Own Property

A video showing a man destroying his own property to avoid paying a checked luggage fee at the airport has been making the rounds on the internet.

In the TikTok video posted earlier this week, Skater Shaun Hover can be seen talking with people behind the counter at check-in and asks them, “What is it? $90?”

A person behind the counter tells him the luggage fee is $89. He then demonstrates for the camera how his skateboard doesn’t fit in the carry-on size tester.

He then places the skateboard on the ground and says, “here you go! This should do the trick!” before stomping on his own property, breaking the deck of the board in half.

He then dumps the remains of his board back into the tester to show that it now fits (in two pieces), saying “alright how’s that?”

The person at check-in simply responds, “that was unnecessary sir.”

However many on Reddit believed it was “super necessary.”

With one Redditor explaining, “And he was following the airline’s policies, didn’t make anyone bend backward for him, and didn’t curse anyone out. He did it on his own expenses and asked for no compensation.”

It was posted in PublicFreakout with the title: “How to save $90 at the airport”.

While Hover reacted to the massive response to his video on Twitter, writing on Wednesday “4M views overnight on TikTok”.

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