This new tyre will double range, power of your vehicle

New Tyre: While the vehicle manufacturer is launching new variants every day, tyre companies are also developing new technology, today in this news we are going to tell you about that tire of one such tire company. There are, by applying which the range of the vehicle as well as the power will increase.

JK Tyre has developed new technology to meet the requirements of EVs. It ensures ultra-low rolling resistance, better moisture and dry traction, higher durability and lower energy consumption.

JK Tyre is a company that manufactures not only tires for buses and trucks while also for other vehicles, now the company has introduced Smart Radial Tires for Electric Cars, Buses and Light Commercial Vehicles. With radial tire technology, JK Tyre has developed a complete range of EV specific Smart Radial Tyres for all categories of buses. With this it has taken a big step to increase its technology in the industry. The company has designed the trade pattern using FEA simulation to reduce the noise of EVs and to have better characteristics.

Developed in-house and equipped with a perfected Trell TMPS sensor, JK Tyre’s Smart EV tyres are designed to meet the performance demands of EV trucks, buses, LCVs, passenger cars and SUVs. The Smart EV Tyre Series is designed for all categories of Buses, Trucks and LCVs in 17.5 inch and 22.5 inch tubeless sizes. This will increase the range and power of the vehicles.

Designed and developed by engineers at Raghupati Singhania Center of Excellence, these tyres are tailored to understand the needs of electric mobility.

VK Mishra, Technical Director, JK Tyre & Industries, said, “Innovation and technology are the biggest strengths for JK Tyre. Each of our product categories is ahead of its time to meet the needs of our customers and the industry. With the growth of the EV sector in India, the development of EV centric technology continues to be a major focus for the company.”

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