THIS is the hidden agenda behind India’s diplomatic vote against Russia

New Delhi: On February 24, when Russian President Vladimir Putin launched an attack against Ukraine through a ‘special military operation’, there has been a complaint from the US and NATO that why India is not opposing it? In fact, the Russìa-Ukraine war gave India an opportunity to make a mark on the international diplomatic stage.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar firmly placed our position in front of the world. We have expressed that the friendship that Russia has played since the Cold War till today cannot be forgotten. That is why we will not only buy oil but will buy more because Russia is giving it cheaply. On the other hand, we made all the western countries including America, England also realized that India takes independent decisions in the national interest. Meanwhile, India never voted against Russia in the United Nations Security Council. This chain broke yesterday. India voted against Russia.

In fact, through this vote, India has once again shown excellent diplomatic skills. It was a formal matter. Russia has proposed that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky be barred from giving speeches online to the Security Council. Voting was decided on this. India opposed it along with 13 more countries. Interestingly, right after this protest, the Russian ambassador clarified that his country was not against Zelensky’s speech, if he had come there physically and made a speech. Russia was only objecting to remote speech via the Internet. Now tell, how India supported Ukraine on this occasion. It would be considered voting against the resolution, not against Russia.

India played two cards. First, Russia was not going to make any difference to this proposal. Therefore, despite voting against, Putin would know under which Balancing Act India took this step. Second, NATO will no longer be able to say that India always votes in favor of Russia. This is a smart game. When we keep the neutral stand more firmly, then we will discuss this voting openly.

Of the 15 members of the UN Security Council (UNSC), only Russia voted in favor of its resolution. China did not participate in it. India also clarified that this vote was not against Russia. Actually, Zelensky was not giving a speech online for the first time. Earlier, twice in April and June, he has addressed the world’s largest panchayat in the same way. Our friendship with Russia was made clear by voting on the same resolution when we refused to hold Russia responsible for the war. By voting against this proposal, we have shown the world that we are not going to bow down.

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