Syria: 3 US soldiers injured in multiple rocket attacks

Washington: Three American soldiers were injured in two rocket attacks in Syria. The United States (US) responded with helicopter assaults. The US Central Command (CENTCOM) has given this information in a statement.

News agency Sputnik quoted CENTCOM as saying that a US service member at Mission Support Site Conoco suffered minor injuries after which he was treated and sent back to duty. Along with this, two other people have suffered minor injuries which are being evaluated.

CENTCOM said on Wednesday that Iran-backed militants fired multiple rockets at the residence of two US soldiers with US facilities in both Conoco and Green Village in northeast Syria on Wednesday evening.

However, US forces used helicopters to respond to the attack and destroyed three vehicles and equipment used to launch multiple rockets, the statement said.

Sputnik, citing sources, said preliminary assessments indicated that US forces had killed two or three suspected terrorists who carried out an attack.

The attack is being investigated. More details are awaited.

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