Supreme Court convenes 3-judge bench on freebie culture

New Delhi: The Supreme Court has given a crucial verdict on freebie culture in Indian politics. The apex court has referred the matter to a three-judge bench.

The Supreme Court has sent the matter of the promise of freebies during election campaigns for reconsideration. The Supreme Court said that it cannot be denied that the real power in an electoral democracy rests with the voters.

“It would be right to constitute an expert committee on this issue. But before that many questions need to be considered. There is also a need to review the Subramaniam Balaji judgment of 2013. We are referring the matter to a special bench of three judges. The matter will be heard after two weeks,” the Supreme Court said.

The apex court’s decision came on a PIL filed by Supreme Court lawyer Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay. The court said that ‘freebies’ are a significant waste of taxpayer money. However, not all plans are freebies. The matter is under discussion and is beyond the purview of the court.

During the hearing, the court said that the government should call an all-party meeting and discuss it. It would be good to form a committee for this. The Supreme Court said that there are some questions like what is the scope of judicial intervention? Can the court pass an order implementing any scheme? What should be the composition of the committee? Some party says that Subramaniam Balaji’s 2013 decision also needs to be reconsidered.

The Chief Justice said that freebies can create a situation where the state is pushed towards bankruptcy. He said such free announcements are used to increase the popularity of the party.

“It deprives the state of taking genuine measures. The Supreme Court held that the electoral college has the true power in an electoral democracy,” he added.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Supreme Court had emphasized on a comprehensive discussion on freebies, describing it as an important and serious issue.

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