Student takes young cobra inside shoe to school

A 13 year old student from a leading boys school in Colombo was yesterday shocked to find a young cobra hiding inside his shoe when he removed it at school. The boy from a suburb in Colombo who travelled to school daily in school van yesterday too hurriedly put on his shoes and got into the van around 5.50am.

Studying in year eight, he got into the van, sat as usual and started the journey to school.

After going a short distance, the student felt something like a needle piercing his right leg, from inside his shoe.

Although he felt it for around half an hour, he did not take off his shoes until he went to the school classroom as it was just a prickling sensation and he did not have any discomfort.

However when he went to the classroom and took off the shoe he had found the reptile curled inside.

But when this incident was reported to the teachers of the school, steps were taken to immediately admit the child to the Lady Ridgeway Children’s HospitalThe snake, which is about seven inches long had not pierced the child’s foot and doctors only found a small scratch on the skin.

Lady Ridgeway Children’s Hospital Director Dr. G. Wijesuriya said that medical tests have confirmed that the child’s leg has not been bitten and there was no venom in his blood. He stated that the child’s health condition will be investigated by keeping him in the hospital for 24 hours and the child is in a very good health condition.

by Daily News Sri Lanka

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