Simple tips to protect your car paint; Check here

New Delhi: Whenever we buy a new car, we get very excited. In front of its brightness, we see everything else faded. But with time your car starts looking old. Due to the slightest carelessness, the paint of our car starts to fade. It also directly affects the resale value of the car. In such a situation, it is very important for you to know those 5 tips, through which your car will look like new even after being old.

Parking must have a roof

Always park the vehicle in such a place where there is no direct sunlight. The paint of the vehicle can be damaged by the UV rays of the sun. It would be better if you park the car in an underground parking or a roofed parking lot.

Use car cover

To keep your car as new, whenever you park the car for a while, put the cover on. The car cover is made of a special material, which not only protects it from getting dirty, but also protects the paint.

Washing required

Apart from parking, the car also gets dirty while driving. If it is not cleaned, many times it settles on the paint. That is why it is better to keep washing the car from time to time. After washing, it is also necessary to wipe the water from the car properly.

Waxing and polishing

Waxing or polishing can be done on the car. For this, you should take good quality wax and get waxing done from a reliable store. This wax prevents UV rays from reaching the surface of the vehicle.

Ceramic/teflon coating

Ceramic/Teflon coating may be used to prevent damage to the paint. This coating does not allow dirt to stick to the paint. For best results, the correct temperature should be assessed before coating. After the process is complete, a microfiber towel should be used to wipe the surface.

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