Shocking! Wife attacks husband with acid, in defence says, ‘threw hot water’

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh: In a shocking incident, a wife threw acid on her husband in Bareilly. Husband has been severely burned. The woman, on the other hand, claimed she was tired of being beaten every day. She claimed she threw acid after mistaking it for hot water.

The severely burned adolescent was admitted to the CHC by his family. The doctors then referred him to the district hospital. After receiving the information, the police took the accused woman to the station and filed a case against her on the complaint of her brother-in-law.

Farah, the daughter of Mohammad Yameen, a resident of the monastery’s outpost in Bareilly, married Mohammad Yasin, a resident of the town’s Mohalla Islam Nagar, six years ago.

Every day, there would be a squabble between husband and wife over one or more issues. On Saturday night, the two got into another fight. Farah was beaten up by her enraged husband.

On the afternoon of Sunday, the enraged woman hurled acid at her husband. A report has been filed in Nawabganj police station on behalf of Yasin’s brother Mohammad Yameen.

According to the accused woman, her husband sold her jewellery and household items due to his alcoholism. Her husband used to beat her when she refused to drink alcohol.

She had also filed a case against her husband at the Bareilly women’s police station, but she had been explained to and sent back with her husband.

The accused woman claimed that she threw hot water on her husband because he was being beaten on a daily basis. The accusation of throwing acid is without merit.

Kotwal Ashok Kumar Kamboj, on the other hand, claimed that the woman threw acid on her husband. This had burned him. An investigation is underway.

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