Sampath Pubudu upgrades children’s savings scheme

Sampath Bank announced a significant upgrade to its Pubudu Children’s savings scheme, with the addition of gift vouchers worth up to Rs. 50,000. Originally launched some years ago to help parents fulfill their dreams for the financial future of their children, Sampath Pubudu accounts were designed to provide positive reinforcement for long-term thinking and to inculcate responsible financial habits. Planned in partnership with Abans, Singer and the Sarasavi Bookshop, the changes to Sampath Pubudu that were just announced take those incentives to a whole new level.

Your child’s Sampath Pubudu account balance determines the value of the gift voucher you receive, redeemable at Abans, Singer and Sarasavi Bookshop outlets island-wide. You can still start small with a modest initial balance of Rs. 500 to receive the gift of a till–the classic Sri Lankan symbol of saving–or get the gift of a school bag for maintaining an account balance of Rs. 10,000.

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