Riding bike with slippers will invite traffic challan; Details inside

New Delhi: People driving motor vehicles will have to be aware of the necessary rules related to traffic. However, if it is not, then it is wrong. If you drive a motor vehicle then you should be aware of the traffic rules. Violating traffic rules is considered a crime, for which there is a provision of fine as well as jail in some cases. Violation of traffic rules can be fined up to thousands of rupees and can also be jailed for several years. In such a situation, if you want that your challan is not deducted, then you should drive a motor vehicle following the traffic rules. By doing this you can avoid deducting the invoice. Along with this, an environment of safe traffic will also be created, which is necessary.

However, there are some traffic rules, which few people will know about because people have never noticed about them. That is why, knowingly or unknowingly, people violate those traffic rules and get challans cut. One such rule is about driving a two-wheeler wearing slippers. Actually, it is not allowed to drive a two-wheeler wearing sleepers or ‘slippers’. As per the existing Motor Vehicles Act, it is necessary to wear completely closed shoes while driving a two wheeler. Those who do not do so can be fined Rs 1000 challan. That is, if you ride a bike wearing slippers, then you can get a challan of 1000 rupees.

Apart from this, if we talk about the general rules, then everyone must wear a helmet while riding a bike. Anyone caught riding a bike without a helmet attracts a fine of Rs 1000. For this a challan of 1000 rupees is deducted. At the same time, the rider should have all the documents related to the bike. In the absence of these, the challan can be deducted.

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