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20 August, 2022

Working and studying without the aid of a computer or a tab has become practically impossible. The precious devices have conquered our everyday life, and we are dependent on them to access the wide world and manage our tasks. Purchasing a laptop or a desktop is an essential yet costly investment, and we expect reliability, durability, high performance, and a trusted warranty when considering the purchase.

Companies would offer us discounts, easy payment plans, and a limited warranty to put our minds at ease, but how many of you have found yourselves exasperated by the poor after-sales services when we require them the most? We often worry about repairs and upgrades that the device might need with time and especially once the warranty period expires.

Locating a repair & service center usually isn’t the problem. Their lack of reputation, absence of professionalism, poor quality of work, sadly slow service, poor communication, and unreasonable rates & charges are issues we face and are tired of.

These past experiences have made us lethargic to make a wholehearted investment to buy brand new and costly devices off the shelves thinking, “if this device cannot be repaired, will our money go down the drain?” But the mere truth is we all rely on our devices to access the classrooms, boardrooms, and the numerous platforms that aid in our day-to-day life.

We all of us wished for a solution and seems as if our prayers have been answered.

In a world where algorithms, hashtags, and followers are given preference, Abans IT happens to know the true value of human connection!

Abans IT recently launched its latest website which offers a safe shopping arena showcasing premium IT-based products and accessories manufactured by market leaders namely, HP, Acer, Lenovo, MSI, Logitech, Kingston, Epson, and Cortex.

But the specialty of this website is that it is a “Digital Customer Service Portal” and not just another online store.

The Abans IT website offers various value-added services and an exclusive AI-powered chat box that lets the consumers easily communicate 24/7.

Furthermore, the website has dedicated itself and has an uncondensed platform that offers “Technical Support”. The words technical support immediately puts the consumer’s mind somewhat at ease and offers them the confidence to clarify any doubts about the products or inquire about after-sales support.

On inquiring, I observed that the “Digital Customer Service Portal” extends its services to both Abans and non-Abans consumers alike, enabling all to experience professional computer repair services that are efficient and cost-effective.

The platform handles & offers –

General inquiries & service/upgrades: A consumer can get in touch with the Technical Support Team regarding clarifications, doubts, or repair-related issues simply by filling in a few details that will assist the team to determine the sort of issue and get in touch with them.

Online support: This option is dedicated to offering remote aid to consumers. Do you have a minor repair or troubleshooting that needs professional attention? Maybe an upgrade or update that confuses you? If so, you’ve reached the best platform. Why call and trouble your tech-savvy friends or rush to the nearest computer repair shop you can locate when you can obtain remote assistance within a matter of minutes?

Service center appointment: Does it feel as if your device needs a major repair or requires software or hardware replacements? Abans IT has established service centers island-wide, and by placing an appointment online, consumers can receive a unmitigatedly hassle-free service.

Real-time job tracking: No more calls gone unanswered or put on hold, and no more broken promises! This is one of the best features witnessed on the website. The consumer can enter their job number and receive live updates regarding the status of their device handed over to the service center for repairs or upgrades.

Do it yourself: This is an unrestricted arena that supports DIY enthusiasts. Drafted tutorials will guide you to upgrade or conduct minor repairs yourself and be self-reliant.

Abans IT offers consumers a comprehensive “Digital Customer Service Portal” and is sure to liven the hearts and assist many who require reliable after-sales services for their valuable devices.

Why a consumer should choose the services of Abans IT Technical Support Team

The platform is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and is furnished with a 24/7 AI-powered chat box
Consumers can obtain remote assistance & access professional technical support represented by a reputed and trustworthy company.
Online appointments, easy & real-time job tracking, and quick & hassle-free service provided by the service centers.

Computers, tabs, and IT accessories are a costly investment, and professional repair services are a top priority. Leaving your precious devices in the capable hands of Abans IT technicians is one of the smartest decisions you can make.

Chathura Jayawardana
Director – Abans Information Systems
General Manager – Abans PLC

– Sunday Observer Sri Lanka

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