Murder Suspect's 'Satanic Goat Head' Drawings, Disturbing Snapchat Messages Lead to Arrest Police Say

23-year-old Nathan James Gilmore has been charged with the first degree murder of 29-year-old Angela Nicole Bradbury, more than a year after her skull was found at an Iowa park in 2021.

According to a criminal complaint filed by the State of Iowa this week, Gilmore is accused of killing Bradbury on or about April 6, 2021 — and the suspect’s changing stories, disturbing Snapchat messages, Facebook behavior and “Satanic” drawings at his home all led to his arrest this week.

The saga began back in April 2021, after Bradbury was arrested for trespassing on the 5th and released the next day. Gilmore had an arraignment at the same jail on the 6th.

Later that day, she went to “an associate’s house,” changed clothes and took off with a “younger white male” who her friend didn’t know. They never saw her after that and her Facebook page — which she apparently used as her main “means of communication” — went dark.

On July 21, 2021, a teenager found a human skull — “which had been placed on a stick” — at Greenbelt River Trail Park near Mitchell, Iowa. At the time, the State Medical Examiner could not identify who the skull belonged to or whether it even belonged to a male or female. The case would remain cold until February 2, 2022, when Bradbury’s family reported her missing — confirming they hadn’t heard from her since April — and provided DNA samples to authorities. Nine days later, thanks to the samples, the skull was confirmed as Bradbury’s.

Authorities later found “additional remains” of Bradbury’s at the park and her manner of death was deemed a homicide.

While it’s unclear how police honed in on Gilmore, he was interviewed by law enforcement on August 19, 2022 — and his story allegedly changed a few times throughout his conversations with authorities.

Per the criminal complaint he first claimed he was at the park the day the skull was discovered and spoke with law enforcement at the scene at the time, while providing “an accurate description of the skill.” He initially claimed he didn’t know anything about Bradbury — but then later admitted to “picking up a woman” whose description matched that of Angela following his court hearing on April 6, 2021. He maintained that he didn’t know her, but brought her to a house and left her there.

He then said that Bradbury left with him, before he dropped her off five blocks away and never saw her again, police say. After that, he claimed he went back to work and then went home for the rest of the evening.

But GPS records from his Facebook account allegedly showed that he was active in the area near Greenbelt River Trail Park that evening.

Police searched Gilmore’s home last Friday as well and found a drawing on a whiteboard in his living room they believe contained clues. “This drawing depicted a satanic goat’s head in the shape of a pentagram with what appeared to be blood spatters drawn on it,” as well as a series of numbers they considered significant, reads the complaint.

One of the numbers was 04-06, which coincides with the date of Bradbury’s disappearance. Another number was 590, with authorities pointing to an Urban Dictionary definition saying it’s an acronym meaning “someone is tired of living.” Also found on the whiteboard was “43.3, -92.8,” which they say appears “to coincide with an abbreviated GPS coordinate” for the park where her body was found.

Authorities also obtained Google records for Gilmore, which produced a screenshot from August 26, 2021 of a Snapchat message sent to “a male associate” of one of his exes. The message allegedly read, “Youll be lookin like the body they found outside Mitchell boy.”

“Bold of you to assume id be running when you won’t know I’m behind you,” it continued. “I’m in my pocket with my knife and the bubbling noise blood makes when air passes through the hole in a neck before it reaches the mouth makes me hard. Gets me off.”

Authorities note the message was sent after the skull was found.

Gilmore was charged with murder in the first degree and is being held in the Mitchell County jail on $1 million cash bond.

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