Minister ‘s daughter finds Rs 2.5 mn worth ring missing

The Kirinda Police have arrested a mason who was present at the construction site of a tourist hotel near the Yala Park yesterday morning for stealing a diamond-encrusted ring said to be worth around Rs.2.5 million. belonging to the daughter of a Cabinet Minister.

The theft is said to have happened Saturday (13) while she was staying at a resort near the Yala National Park with her husband and some family friends.

The manager and a room attendant of the hotel were taken into custody by the Kirinda police earlier and had questioned them extensively regarding the theft.

The minister’s daughter along with her husband and close family members had come to Yala on Friday and only their group had stayed in the camping area belonging to that hotel. It is said that while the minister’s daughter was taking a bath in the hotel’s open bathroom, she had removed the ring and placed it on the short wall of the bathroom. However later a person who came with her staying in the room had knocked down the ring accidentally after being scared of an animal. However later the person had kept the ring which had fallen on the same place on the wall where the minister’s daughter had kept the ring.

However, the minister’s daughter after taking the bath had forgot about the ring and had gone out and when when she came to retrieve it she had not been able to locate it. The police had arrested the mason after perusing CCTV footage. The police are conducting further investigations.

by dailynews sri lanka

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