Man swallows 63 coins, doctors perform 2 day long operation

New Delhi: In a rare instance, doctors used a “endoscopic surgery” to remove 63 coins from a man’s stomach during the course of a two-day operation. As per the doctors, the individual had reportedly swallowed these coins as he suffered from depression.

The procedure was performed by the medical staff at MDM Hospital in Jodhpur. On Wednesday, the man complained of having a bad stomachache and was taken to the hospital.

Speaking to the media, HoD (gastroenterology) Narendra Bhargav revealed that the 36-year-old male patient was admitted on his complain of suffering form severe stomach ache. Following this an X-ray was performed on which revealed that he had consumed 63, 1 rupee coins in two days as he was suffering from depression.

“He came to the hospital on Wednesday with severe stomach pain. He told us that he has ingested 10-15 coins. When we conducted X-ray of the stomach, we saw a lump of metal,” TOI quoted Bhargava as saying.

A team of medical professionals from the department performed the two-day operation to remove the coins under the lead of HoD Bhargav.

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