MAMAMOO’s ‘Better’ teaser out: Solar, Moonbyul pose for the upcoming release

New Delhi: Solar and Moonbyul are ready to release the first unit of MAMAMOO titled ‘Better’ on August 30. The two girl group members are all set to welcome fans as MAMAMOO+ as they shared multiple interesting photos ahead of its release.

On August 26 at 8:30 pm IST, Solar and Moonbyul dropped a chic concept photo for ‘Better’. The two group members lean against an orange-coloured car, while dressed in sporty looks. Meanwhile, the car’s license plate number offers a nod to the unit and its debut date.

See the pictures here

Meanwhile, RWB has also released solo concept photos of the two stars. Solar’s photo shows MAMAMOO’s leader perched on the hood of the car, resting her chin in her palm as she looks directly at her camera with overflowing charisma.

‘Better’ will be a debutant piece for Solar and Moonbyul. The teaser of Better has already dropped by MAMAMOO’s label RWB, featuring BIG Naughty. It was dropped on August 27.

The teaser for the video exudes a chill and free vibe as it starts off with Solar driving a car.  Moonbyul sitting beside her. As the two enjoy a road trip with the breeze blowing through their hair, they meet BIG Naughty and reach an amusement park.

Click here to watch the teaser

Meanwhile, Moonbyul’s concept photo stars MAMAMOO’s rapper as she leans relaxed against the car and slightly lowers her sunglasses to make eye contact with the camera.

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