Making his name prominent like no other, enter serial entrepreneur Ameer Merchant

New Delhi: Ameer businesses are spread across Mumbai, Dubai, Iran, and Gujarat, attracting massive growth for the whole of the entrepreneurial world.

It is indeed surreal to know about all those people and professionals, especially from the younger brigade, who build everything from the ground up and, in their journeys along the process, go ahead in continuously innovating in their industries to create massive momentum for them, their businesses and the whole of the entrepreneurial world. We saw how Ameer Merchant, the 1988-born from Bhavnagar, Gujarat did the same in the vast and ever-evolving business space, today spreading his presence across Gujarat, Mumbai, Dubai, and Iran. He has become a public figure whose successes in the business world have often garnered him major headlines and attracted the attention of many towards him and his businesses.

Ameer Merchant owns a factory of dehydrating fruits and vegetables named Island Foods Co, located at Mahuva in Gujarat. His brand “Euphoria” has become a well-renowned name in the kitchen staples niche offering the best fried onion flakes, which is known as a go-to snack in Indian households and has gone ahead in becoming a favourite brand for snack lovers. He also is behind Marine Enterprise, his main business, where they do shipping and supply huge machineries, spares, and more to the world’s leading companies. Besides that, he has a growing real estate and construction business in Mumbai, Rajkot, Bhavnagar, and Mahuva. In Dubai, Ameer Merchant has spread his prominence through his oil business and scrap business, and in Iran, they have a water factory and a compound chocolate factory. In Bhavnagar, he also runs Merchant Trading Co, which is about iron and steel scrap.

As if attaining much recognition and success with all these ventures wasn’t enough for him, Ameer Merchant dived deep into the business space to initiate other side businesses of his, including Merchant Perfumes, under Merchant Trading Co, and even JMT Entertainment, which is into music production and so far given several hit music videos. Currently, it is in talks to launch a web series. He is also into stock trading big time.

Living across different cities and successfully running businesses across them have become an everyday thing for Ameer Merchant, who, as a business traveller, has learned about different cultures and their specific demands, which has helped him cater to them better through his business ventures.

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