Lecturer falls to death from ‘Saradiel rock’

A female student of the Peradeniya University who climed the Uthuvankanda Saradiel rock in Mawanella Uthuwankanda had died after falling off from the top of the rock.

Mawanella police said the deceased was a 27-year-old female student from the Elpitiya area.She also functioned as an assistant lecturer. 

Around 60 students including the deceased had come to see the Saradiel rock yesterday morning, police said. Later, they had climbed the mountain from Uthuwankande and the accident must have happened at the top of the rock, a police officer said.

He said this student has graduated but was still engaged in further education at the same University. The body has been sent to the Mawanella General Hospital for a postmortem examination and the Mawanella Police are conducting further investigations.

The Saradiel rock is a famous tourist attraction in the area. It was the main hideout of Deekirikevage Saradiel called Uthuwankande Sura Saradiel, a bandit and gang leader in the 1860’s who became known as the ‘Robin Hood of Sri Lanka’.


by Daily News Sri Lanka

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