KL Rahul admits India lost against ‘very strong’ Pakistan in World Cup

Dubai: The nail-bitting competition between India and Pakistan is just a day away and the heat has risen amongst the players as well as fans.

This is first time after T20 World Cup fixture that the two arch-rivals are up against each other. When the fans are saying that Pakistan will have a heavy hand due to their massive 10-wickets win against India, KL Rahul believes that “it will start from zero.”

KL Rahul admits India lost to strong Pakistan team

During the pre-match press conference, India vice-captain Kl Rahul shared his views and said that they are fully ready this time. He also admitted that they were outplayed in the last fixture.

Yes, obviously. Losing any game in a World Cup always hurts you a little bit. It was our first game of the World Cup last year and we were very excited. Any team that enters the World Cup wants to start well, but unfortunately, that did not happen for us,” Rahul said.

“We were outplayed against a really strong Pakistan team.” 

“Yes we get an opportunity to once again play against them, it is a contest we are all looking forward to and we all are eager to go out there. The game starts from zero, there might be history but it does not count for anything. It will always start from zero,” he concluded.

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