Fuel only under QR system from today, last digit out

Power and Energy Minister Kanchana Wijesekara stressed that fuel will be issued only under the QR Code system of the National Fuel Pass from today.

Accordingly, all fuel stations belonging to CEYPETCO and LIOC will issue fuel under this QR system.All motorists are advised to obtain QR code under the National Fuel Pass for their fuel quota by logging on to www.fuelpass.gov.lk website.

The Minister added that all other systems such as issuing fuel based on the last digit of the number plate or issuing fuel on tokens will no longer be valid from today.

By presenting the QR code of the National Fuel Pass, customers can get the fuel quota for the respective vehicle from any fuel station across the country. Also, it is not possible to get fuel again until seven days have passed from the date of filling the quota. Vehicles that cannot be entered into the National Fuel Pass by entering the chassis number can be registered for the National Fuel Pass by entering the vehicle revenue license number from yesterday.

by Daily News Sri Lanka

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