Focus on nine areas at IMF, CBSL talks

Focus has been laid on nine areas including reducing the issuance of new currency by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka to cover government expenses and bringing state

ventures to a profitable level during the discussions with the visiting International Monetary Fund delegation.

Sri Lanka declares that there are more than nine matters, areas and subjects that have been strongly focused on in the discussions being held these days in order to obtain an extended credit facility from the International Monetary Fund. The CBSL has made a statement in this regard under the first special note of its 2021 report. In order for the government’s financial integration to take place, it has been discussed about creating appropriate currency stability, creating flexibility in the exchange rate, and gradually reducing the central bank’s own financial needs. There has also been discussions about streamlining government-owned commercial infrastructure, removing them from capital flow management, and introducing price formulas for certain goods. Apart from this, issues related to strengthening of social security networks and creation of private pension funds have also been discussed.


by Daily News Sri Lanka

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