Floods wreak havoc in Afghanistan, several people killed

Kabul: Overnight, seasonal rains took the form of heavy floods in eastern Afghanistan. At least nine people have died in the flash floods. Many houses and livestock have been washed away in the floods. Along with this, agricultural land has also been destroyed.

A provincial official and a village elder gave this information on Sunday.


People died due to rising water level

A video from the Associated Press shows people repairing and cleaning damaged homes after floods in Khushi district of Logar province, south of the Afghan capital, Kabul. Abdullah Mufakar, head of the Ministry of Natural Disaster Management of Logar province, said that it is not yet clear how many people have died or how many people are injured due to the rise in water level, but less due to floods.

At least nine people have died. He said, ‘At present the exact number is not known. However, some bodies have been pulled out of the water and the bodies are still being traced.

Del Agha, an elder from the village, said that such floods had never been seen in the history of Khushi District. The floods have destroyed cattle, houses and agricultural land of all the people here. He said that the people here are now homeless and all are taking shelter in the mountains.


Afghanistan is facing many difficulties

The floods caused by heavy rains continue to wreak havoc on the Afghan people. It is known that there was heavy rain in Afghanistan last week, due to which there was flood. Floods killed 31 people and left dozens missing in northern Afghanistan.

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