Disadvantages of tubeless tyres that you must know!

New Delhi: Tubeless tires are becoming increasingly popular. These days, tubeless tires are being used in most of the vehicles and bikes. As the name suggests, tubeless tires do not have tubes. It looks similar to a conventional tyre. The tire is made in such a way that air can automatically absorb in it. In the event of a puncture, air also comes out of it slowly. Also, you can attach punctures without removing the tyre. Along with having so many advantages, tubeless tires also have disadvantages. If you were also thinking of installing this tire in your car or bike, then first know its 3 disadvantages:

1. Expensive than conventional tires
Tubeless tires are costlier than conventional tyres. Their price varies according to the brand and size. However, the quality also gets better with the price. In such a situation, do not buy any bad tubeless tire in the interest of cheap.

2. Difficult to fit
Experts are required to fit or remove tubeless tyres. Tubeless tires are sturdy, but will need to be replaced at some point or the other. Those who do not know much about it can damage the rim in the process of changing the tyre. At the same time, the method of replacing a traditional tire is very easy.

3. Thus prone to spoilage
It is easy to fix a puncture of a tubeless tire, but if it gets punctured on its sidewall, then you have to pay for it. Such a puncture can damage both the tire and the rim. In such a situation, a tube with a tyre has the option of changing the tube. But tubeless tires have to be replaced. Therefore, whenever such a puncture is seen, do not drive the vehicle too far and call the expert.

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