Big Brother Blowout: Smooth Sailing Inside, All Hell Breaking Loose Outside as Split House Continues

The Split House twist this week was clearly designed to shake things up inside (and outside) the “Big Brother” House, and boy is it doing its job!

While things are progressing according to the same somewhat boring Leftovers dominance inside the House under Michael’s Head of Household reign, all hell has been breaking loose outside.

With Terrance in power, Kyle has already flipped on his alliance — and that was just the beginning! It turns out, Terrance had plans of his own to stir up the pot and just keep stirring!

We’ve known for weeks that it was just a matter of time before Kyle’s libido and lust/like for Alyssa pushed him to turn his back on the seven-person alliance he helped form, and that’s just what happened.

While there have been rare occasions where a showmance can survive a season, as soon as someone starts playing with their heart or (ahem) it usually gets them into trouble. Kyle took a huge swing to try and save Alyssa, admitting that he really had no idea how to survive it past this week.

In doing so, he first outed the entirety of The Leftovers game and alliance to Allysa, and then to Terrance. There’s no coming back from this and his move just impacted six other people’s games as well. How much do you think he cares? He cares about Alyssa.

Basically, he’s doing what some have done before, which is put matters of the heart or (ahem) over their own game. He could survive a move like this, but it’s definitely not going to be easy. And the fact that he’s just winging it is a little alarming.

While he made this move to save his and Alyssa’s butts this week, it immediately put a target on the backs of Turner and Joseph. With only four possible nominees, Terrance didn’t have much he could do. Kyle’s move threw Turner under the bus hard as Terrance really trusted him, but it still looks like Joseph is seen as the bigger threat because Kyle also told Terrance that Monte is running the show, with Joseph as his right-hand man.

The Houseguests inside had a much simpler plan of attack. Michael was working already with Brittany, Monte and Taylor, leaving Jasmine the odd woman out and obvious target for eviction. All they needed was for her not to win Veto.

The competition was a numbers guessing game where they saw a small object with an identified number of things like drumsticks, gummies or guitar picks. They then had to guess how many of that same item made up a much larger presentation.

Even better, The Cookout’s master strategist Tiffany Mitchell was on-hand (via video screen) to emcee the tournament. Tiffany was easily the best overall player last season, but she put aside her game for a bigger cause (she knew keeping The Cookout strong would doom her personal game), picking up America’s Favorite Player because we could all see it.

It was nice to see her getting the love and respect she deserves from the Houseguests when they saw that it was going to be her leading them through this challenge. And it’s always great to see one of the best return (makes us hope for a returning players twist next season, maybe).

Michael was again strategizing at a level of complexity beyond anyone else in the game, though it wasn’t altogether necessary. As it turns out, his plan to guess big on purpose wasn’t even noticed as others were doing the same.

There was an element of folding, as well. If you weren’t confident in your guess, you could fold. It would keep you in the game, but you wouldn’t earn one of three points (or letters spelling VIP in this case).

Jasmine’s strategy was to fold early and often to try and wait out the others, but this started to backfire when people were getting eliminated, but other people were getting letters.

Suddenly, she found herself facing off against Michael and Brittany with two letters each while she had non. In the end, Brittany pulled off the victory, setting the stage for a smooth week for The Leftovers — or perhaps a tantalizing opportunity for Michael and Brittany.

Michael has also been all about stirring the pot to keep eyes off of him, which has been working so far. He’s also fully aware that he’s on the bottom of The Leftovers alliance as there’s a foursome at the core he’s not a part of.

He also revealed in a Diary Room entry that he would love for Kyle to take a shot at a fellow Leftover outside the House. Could he match it with a shot of his own on the inside? With having no idea what’s going on outside, it would be a huge risk if all three outside Leftovers came into the House united and strong, with Alyssa evicted.

But Kyle already proved he was unwilling to risk her by not using the Veto last week when they had a chance to backdoor her out of the House. Michael and Brittany want to make a big move, but will they strike now, or wait to see what Kyle did or didn’t do outside?

Jasmine tried to pitch herself to Brittany, but this is someone she’s never been all that kind to in the game and never tried to talk game with. Jasmine had her clique and even as they were all getting voted out (save Alyssa), she never really made an effort to fix things elsewhere.

On top of that, the consensus in the House appears to be that she’s entitled, spoiled, disingenuous, milked her injury and pretty unpleasant to be around. Just ask Turner. And Michael rolling his eyes at her using her birthday as to why she shouldn’t be nominated for the third week in a row. At this point, use it to justify why you should win!

Brittany opted not to use the Power of Veto, leaving Jasmine and Monte on the Block. More than likely, they’ll just send Jasmine home and keep playing it safe. If Kyle does disrupt things outside and send a Leftover packing, they don’t want too many people outside the alliance still in the House.

What they don’t know is that outside has turned into absolute chaos — leaving us wondering if that’s why the live feeds were down for so long out there this past week. It turns out Kyle outing The Leftovers was just the beginning.

Terrance could have just held onto that information and ridden out the week with Joseph and Turner on the Block. But we have to give credit where it’s due, and Terrance is really turning it on and playing a smart game outside.

In a moment we didn’t fully grasp at first, he outed Kyle’s game play to Joseph when Joseph kept trying to defend his Leftover alliance member. It didn’t make sense that he would out what he knew, but then it became clear.

By pitting Joseph and Kyle against one another, he can pump both of them for information as they get more and more desperate to not be the ones targeted this week. With such a small number of people, the Veto means everything.

We were cracking up as the cracks at the real Fyre Fest fiasco continued. Their HOH competition was a DIY build that saw them having to stack takeout containers on lunch room trays. Five stacks on five poles of 50 total containers.

The sarcasm about the incredible “budget” that Dyre Fest has was not lost on us. The conditions are atrocious. But with light and empty takeout containers, the wind turned out to be a huge factor.

In a huge move, and a huge statement, Terrance made it two for two outside, securing the Veto as well as the HOH and giving himself total power outside. And now that he knows there’s a huge alliance that’s been lying to and working against him all summer, he’s ready to make a big move.

We like this Terrance, fired up and ready to play this game. Unlike Kyle, he’s also thinking about the best-case scenario for how to go into the House and face four likely Leftovers who are going to want to know what happened outside.

With all the power in his hands, Terrance started playing Joseph off of Kyle, talking about how Kyle betrayed everyone he’d been working with. He was the first of the alliance to flip and abandon people who trusted him, so of course he would do it again.

Then, he pulled Turner down and put Kyle up. Now, both guys are on the Block and desperate and Terrance fully intends to use this opportunity to pump them both for as much information about all the things he’s been oblivious to until this point.

He also didn’t make it clear who he’d rather see go out, but we could see him still trying to get Joseph out. Kyle is more likely to be loyal to Terrance, and he comes ready-made with a third alliance member in Alyssa. If they can lock in Turner, or get Brittany and Michael in the House, they can flip the game.

It’s a risk to be sure, but letting Alyssa go would have only doomed Terrance as he would have then been the only Leftover left in the House. And we don’t know yet if he’ll be eligible to play in next week’s Head of Household competition.

His back is against the wall and now is the time to make a big move, and he’s making the absolute best of it. If nothing else, he’ll weaken The Leftovers physically by taking them out and psychologically by weakening them.

He’s pretty much got Kyle and Alyssa in his corner. If the alliance crumbles, they only need one or two more to have a chance at taking control of the game (though it will largely be dependent on who wins the next HOH). For people who love big moves, though, DJ Showtime is showing up and ready to play!

Brittany Hoopes (32) took the power this week with a Veto win earned by herself, padding her resume. As Michael sows seeds to pit Leftovers against one another so they don’t notice him, she becomes even more invisible than that. Her strategic game is on point and she is extremely well positioned as shots are about to be fired. Grade: A-

Michael Bruner (28) is building a shield of chaos and mistrust around himself to keep himself out of the inevitable line of fire to come when the House reunites after Thursday’s double eviction. The biggest threat in the House and nobody sees it. How long he can keep it up is anybody’s guess, but he’s very good at this game from every facet and it’s impressive to watch. Grade: B+

Terrance Higgins (47) finds himself a sudden competition threat and a strong strategic player. It’s as if he woke up this week, and maybe just in time to turn his game around. He’s still in trouble if Kyle can survive and weasel his way back into The Leftovers, but Terrance has the intel and he’s like Michael, ready to stir the pot. If it comes to it, he’ll blow up Kyle’s duplicity to save himself, and maybe blow up The Leftovers. He’s suddenly very interesting to watch play. Grade: B

Alyssa Snider (24) finds herself in an interesting position, depending how the house re-integrates. At worst, she’s looking at a 3-5 split if Turner reunites with the other Leftovers, but we don’t think it’ll be that easy as Michael and Brittany know the time is here (or soon) to start breaking that group apart, and that starts with getting out Monte. All of this is good news for Alyssa’s game. Grade: B-

Matt “Turner” Turner (23) might be in one of the most pivotal positions in the game. We know he likes to make big game moves, but he was blindsided by Kyle’s move this week. The good news is that Terrance saved him, so he’s got a huge decision in a swing position right now when the House reintegrates and everyone wants him. He’s also the last person in the House who’s never been on the Block, which is a feat. Grade: B-

Taylor Hale (27) is also in an interesting position, because her allegiance to The Leftovers could crack if she’s made aware of the core four guys she was not a part of. If Joseph goes and The Leftovers fall apart, will she tie her game to Monte’s, or swing out as a free agent? No one is really talking about her as a threat right now, either, so she’s got options for how to play. That could make her a key swing figure, too. Grade: C

Kyle Caapener (29) did what he did to save Alyssa this week, and himself, and it may yet work. But the damage in regards to trust could be done as well. This could either flip the House and leave him in a good spot or make him the biggest target in the House post-reunion, if Terrance keeps him this week (we suspect he will because Joseph is loyal, but not to Terrance). We still think a chat between Terrance and Michael (or Brittany) could be very impactful. Grade: C

Monte Taylor (27) remains one of the House’s biggest spoken targets, and yet no one has had the nerve to take the shot. We don’t think Michael and Brittany will do it this week, either, as they’re ready to be done with Jasmine. But it’s going to be hard for him to dodge and weave whenever The Leftovers do fall apart — which we think is coming sooner than later. Grade: C-

Joseph Abdin (24) is helping to fuel Terrance’s latter half of the game, but we don’t think he’s doing himself any favors. By making it clear how loyal he has been to The Leftovers, Terrance has no reason to believe that would change. He might turn on Kyle (and has), but he would probably stay loyal to the others. Terrance is going to need numbers, and Kyle and Alyssa are a much surer thing for him than Joseph. Grade: D-

Jasmine Davis (29) is more than likely going to leave this week, though there is still a chance that Michael takes a huge risk and boots Monte. We don’t see it happening, though, as Michael plays a very calculated game. He has no idea about the chaos outside, so if he makes a move now when he’s out of the core four and that whole four reunites, he’s going to be targeted nonstop until he’s gone. The current approach is working, so we think he’ll keep with the cleaner target here. Grade: D-

“So, you know that that was strictly strategic, just to make people feel comfortable for right now. But, the ultimate move is Kyle, so one of you comes down, that should be the move.” –Terrance (to Joseph after nominations)”I’m telling Joseph I’m gonna use the Veto on him. I’m telling him Kyle’s my target. But guess what? It’s all lies. Joseph, you are my absolute main target and unless you win that Veto, I got you dead to rights.” –Terrance (in DR)”I don’t believe Terrance. But ideally Kyle wins that Veto, takes either me or Turner down and Alyssa goes up, and Terrance, Turner, Kyle and I can all walk back in that House.” –Joseph (in DR)”It was like you knew about it. When I said I threw the competition OTEV, you was like, ‘Oh yeah, facts.'” –Terrance (trying to convince Turner he implicated himself)”I didn’t know you threw it until right this second, I swear to god.” –Turner”I apologize, I definitely got paranoid.” –Terrance (lying to Turner)”If Jasmine manages to take herself off the Block, Brittany and I would have the opportunity to make a huge move in this game.” –Michael (considering Monte as a legitimate target)”Leftovers are fine and all that, but there is nothing like a fresh plate at The Cookout.” –Tiffany”It looks like one frame has about 60 guitar pics and there are 12 frames on the wall, so 12 times 60 is 720. However, I decided to write down 1200 as my answer so that later in the competition, people might think I’m overestimating on my numbers and ignore my guess when deciding whether to stay or fold.” –Michael (overthinking strategy)”Definitely want to chat with you. I would appreciate it if I could get the Veto used on me.” –Jasmine (to Brittany after she wins Veto)”I mean, I really think at this point and time I’m just gonna leave things the same. Who we want out this week is on the Block already.” –Brittany (after Jasmine’s pitch)”I’m very nervous because it is smooth sailing in here.” –Taylor (talking to Leftovers inside)”It could be the exact opposite out there.” –Monte (it is)”I think we all know who — if Alyssa comes back — who is responsible for that. If he did it this week, he’ll do it to one of us next, is kind of my thought. I think if someone takes a shot at us within our own alliance, it’s better to cut that out.” –Michael (referring to Kyle)”A big part of my strategy is fanning the flames.” –Michael (in DR)”I think we have no option but to stop that train.” –Monte (about Kyle and Alyssa)”They can get married in the Jury House.” –Taylor”I just want to hang out with you all day.” –Kyle”Is what we have real to you? Actually?” –Alyssa”Yes. One hundred percent. Literally my whole game for the past month has been revolving around you. And now finally, it’s, like, crossroads where I have to choose between you or the alliance.” –Kyle”If Joseph went to Terrance and said the same things I did, I would be target number one.” –Kyle (to Alyssa)”I want to keep nominations the same, keep Kyle and I off the Block, send Joseph home this week, and start picking off The Leftovers like they did with all of my friends.” –Alyssa (in DR)”Now that I know about the big alliance in the House, I definitely have to win this Veto so I can weaken them. I’m gonna take out one of their numbers this week. So winning this Veto is paramount. You know, like Paramount+, which you should be watching me on.” –Terrance (in DR)”We all thought he was a dud. Turns out he’s a stud.” –Kyle (in DR about Terrance after Veto)”Where did Terrance even come from here?” –Turner (in DR)”I’m going to tell him to put up me and Alyssa. I just need you both to back me up. Because this even helps your game.” –Joseph (to Kyle)It does, for sure.” –Kyle”What is your thought process when you go back in the House? What is your plan of action?” –Terrance (to Kyle after he reveals Joseph’s Alyssa plan)”We’re going into the House with four people — Michael, Brittany, Monte Taylor — who are already in that alliance that I’m talking about. They’re gonna be rock solid when we go in so we have to be prepared for that … I think we have to go into the house, me, you, Turner, Alyssa on the same page.” –Kyle”I wanna keep this momentum that we got going, bro. That’s all I want.” –Terrance”If you walk back in with that showmance, you’re done. I promise you you’re done.” –Joseph (to Terrance, just as Kyle warned)”What’s your mindset? Why do you want Alyssa to go home so bad over Kyle?” –Terrance (to Joseph)”I’ll be real with you. I think Kyle may be more trustworthy. I don’t know if he’s coming over here telling you–” –Joseph”Yeah, he’s sending your a– home, bro. He wants to send you home, bro … He even gave the alliance, he said you guys are called The Leftovers.” –Terrance”I’m heartbroken. Kyle betrayed me. He’s not even on the Block and he’s the one to go and betray everything we worked so hard to build. I was even willing to throw the Veto to him. I’ve literally been played for a fool. I was trying so hard, like so hard.” –Joseph (in DR)”Action speak louder than words. Kyle’s in an alliance with me. I tried to protect my people.” –Joseph (last-ditch effort)”He definitely didn’t protect you … He was the first one that gave up everything out of all of you guys.” –Terrance”You know your boy gotta stir the pot a little bit. Now that I got this power, I’m gonna pit these guys against each other and I’m gonna keep on stirring the pot.” –Terrance (in DR)”Kyle, Joseph, I think that this will give us great time and dialogue to talk openly about moving forward.” –Terrance (“These kids have been spilling secrets all over the place. Now that I’ve got two big threats on the Block, what other secrets are they gonna tell me? I’m just driving the bus and these fools are throwing each other under it. Who knew?” –Terrance (in DR)

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