Big Brother Blowout: First Leftover Out After Big Fight Outside -- Is the Alliance Over, Too?

It was the twist designed to shake up the House on “Big Brother,” and it definitely did its job. But just how much will change now that the two sides of the House are reunited?

For the first time ever, the remaining ten Houseguests were split in half and sequestered from one another all week. To make matters worse for the dominant Leftovers alliance, a non-Leftover rose to power before the split, with Terrance presiding over Alyssa, Joseph, Kyle, and Turner outside.

Things were set up to run pretty smoothly with Monte in power inside, enjoying a life of luxury (compared to conditions in the back yard) with Brittany, Jasmine, Michael, and Taylor. Jasmine was the only one not in the alliance, so all they needed to do was keep her from winning Veto and all is well.

That didn’t prove to be a huge problem, so it was Jasmine and Monte on the Block after Brittany chose not to use the Veto, with Brittany and Taylor casting the only votes inside this week. Jasmine had made zero effort all summer to be friendly with them, instead milking her injury for all its worth — at least she finally admitted it tonight in a Diary Room session.

She may have annoyed Turner more than anyone else, but with most of her allies out already, she didn’t have too many people left in the House who wanted to keep celebrating her eternal birthday with her. This was an easy vote, and barely took up any time in the episode.

That’s because the dumpster fire that was Dyre Fest proved to be more than the conditions after Kyle blew up The Leftovers by telling both Alyssa and Terrance all about it in an effort to save himself and his showmance.

Terrance really impressed us this week, stirring the pot all week long to pump as many people as he could for information. Kyle spilled the beans and while it would have been easy to just vote Joseph out over that, Terrance instead decided to tell him that Kyle betrayed him and the whole alliance.

This pitted Joseph against Kyle and Terrance just sat back and let them throw each other under the bus, all the while gathering intel. The fact he used the Veto he won to take down Turner and put up Kyle only ratcheted up the paranoia and the spilling of beans.

By the end of the week, Terrance and Alyssa basically knew everything there was to know about the alliance and just how much both Joseph and Kyle had been lying to them and betraying them. Honestly, Joseph had a chance to stay if he’d have pitched a better story.

He’d have never gotten Alyssa’s vote — she was defending Kyle even after finding out Kyle would have not used the Veto to save her a few weeks back (Kyle, of course, lied about this when called out) — but he could have fought for Turner and Terrance. A tie would force Terrance to break it.

The problem was that as Terrance saw it, the bromance between Joseph and Monte is far more scary than the showmance between Kyle and Alyssa. Neither Alyssa or Joseph have won anything, but both are physically fit enough they should be able to.

Joseph tried the angle that Kyle sold out The Leftovers alliance to save Alyssa and himself, so he’d sell out the rest of them if they go back in there. We totally believe that to be true, but the outsiders were more concerned about the fact that Joseph was so loyal in the game.

The conversation did not go well at all for Joseph, with Alyssa attacking him multiple times as a serial liar to her (he was) and seemingly not even concerned that Kyle had also lied plenty to her. Even Turner turned on him, deciding that Joseph was just digging his own grave with his speech.

They believed he’d be loyal going back into the House to The Leftovers inside. In a confessional, Joseph said he didn’t know what was going on in there, so he’d be loyal to anything outside, but we think he’d have slid right back in with The Leftovers.

A new alliance was also formed outside with Alyssa, Kyle, Terrance and Turner called The Afterparty. Again, they all said in Diary Room moments that they were true to this new alliance, but it’s hard to say what might go on once the House is reunited.

We think they’d be smart to stick with this new group, because you can bet that Kyle and Turner are toward the bottom of The Leftovers alliance. We’ll have to wait and see which alliances are real once the dust settles after this next Head of Household competition.

We have a feeling decisions about where to align will base largely on who wins this week. It does seem certain that the loss of Joseph and the bonding that happened outside will impact the game moving forward.

For one thing, there are two people outside of The Leftovers alliance, but now they know all about it so no one is going to do a snowjob on them to keep them in the dark about what’s really going on. With half the Houseguests now gone, it truly is a whole new game.

Brittany Hoopes (32) remains at the top of her game, with the House reunited and no one looking at her as anyone to bother with just yet. She’s got Michael in front of her as a shield and, more importantly, as an incredible ally. They’ve been playing a masterful game, controlling competitions, strategy and social manipulation. It’s been impressive to watch.. Grade: A

Michael Bruner (28) couldn’t have asked for a better turnout. The only problem for him is that if The Afterparty is real, he could find himself on the Block as a huge threat inside the House. Joseph was a layer of protection that is now gone. At the same time, Taylor and Monte are still seen as bigger threats, somehow, thanks in large part to the social work he and Brittany have been doing all summer long. Grade: A-

Matt “Turner” Turner (23) finds himself in an incredibly powerful position. Still, nobody is really targeting him or gunning for him. And he’s the best positioned in the House to go wherever the wind blows this week with whomever rises to power. The Leftovers don’t know about The Afterparty, so he’s positioned to pivot and keep riding that wave. Grade: B+

Taylor Hale (27) is seen as a mover and a shaker next to Monte, and probably his right-hand woman with Joseph gone. There does appear to be some truth to that, though she’s never formalized anything with him. She could see the Block depending who gets power, but she’d be unlikely to be the target. She’s in a position now where she’s going to have to shift with the power, if it changes, so we’ll see if she can. Grade: C+

Alyssa Snider (24) will remain a target for The Leftovers, but probably a smaller one now than Terrance, who’s proven himself someone who can win comps and even take out one of their own. Her showmance, though, remains an issue. And the fact she hasn’t won anything means her fate may not be her own, which never bodes well for a long run in the game.  As the only player left who hasn’t won or done much, though, she’d be a good goat to take to the end and try to win against. Grade: C+

Kyle Caapener (29) is in a similar situation with Turner, but he’s part of the showmance and he is vulnerable to anyone who wants to expose the fact that he exposed The Leftovers to Terrance and Alyssa. In other words, if his new allies say true, he’s good, but if they want to throw him under the bus, it is definitely gassed up and ready to run him down. Grade: C

Monte Taylor (27) is going to be the top target of The Afterparty, if it’s real. And unlike The Leftovers, that alliance could still be kept a secret. If they do that and have the power to take a shot, he might not see it coming if Kyle and Joseph play double agent and everyone else in The Afterparty plays dumb. A lot depends on who rises to power. Grade: C-

Terrance Higgins (47) has a lot of information, but he’s also shown himself to be a pretty good player both in competitions and strategy. His threat quotient just went through the roof in a week where he can’t play for Head of Household. He needs to hope that his alliance is real and that they stick together. Their better bet would be to stay true, because we can bet that Turner and Kyle were toward the bottom of what’s left of The Leftovers, but we’ll see who gains power and what decisions are made. Grade: C-

Joseph Abdin (24) did what he could, but once The Leftovers was outed, as well as his bromance with Monte and dominance in the game strategically, there was little that he could do. It helps to be first and Kyle betrayed and came clean first. That set Joseph up to look like he was only coming clean to save himself (which he was). Kyle did that, too, but people always believe who was first more. Grade: F

Jasmine Davis (29) was an easy eviction. She was just next. There’s not much more to say about what happened inside the House this week. Grade: F

“We have no idea what’s going on on the other side of that wall at Dyre Fest. But the plan in here, at least, is to stay loyal to The Leftovers.” –Brittany (in DR after Veto meeting)”I’m gonna get in comfortable clothes. Damn these jeans.” –Monte (after Veto meeting)”Am I still injured? Yes. Am I playing this up just a teenainsy bit? Maybe so … If I have to fake my way to that $750,000, bet your bottom dollar I’m gonna do it.” –Jasmine (there’s no maybe about it)”Give hugs to Zingbot for me!” –Jasmine (to Houseguests after Big BroChella eviction)”I used the Veto because I’m up against a showmance and a bromance.” –Terrance (after putting Kyle on the Block with Joseph)”My conversation I’m gonna have with him, I don’t care if you three are there. It’s nothing I wouldn’t say to any of you three.” –Joseph (to Alyssa, Kyle and Turner about Terrance)”Terrance, when you want to talk to me, I don’t mind if you call everyone. I’m not going to play telephone.” –Joseph (to Terrance)”I’m feeling fine. Maybe I should feel worried. I trust you.” –Kyle (to Terrance)”This was more so to show you that I got you and so we can reestablish the relationship that we already had.” –Terrance (to Turner about using Veto on him)”Bro, I need you word on this. Kyle did betray me.” –Joseph (to Terrance)”He told me everything about The Leftovers. He named everybody, but he said you and Monte  and Taylor basically run The Leftovers.” –Terrance”Did he tell you how we started? Him. He built it. He then confirmed everything. He betrayed all his alliances, spilled all the information that people who trusted him with because s— f—ing got hot. He did it to me here. You think he’s not gonna do that when you make an alliance and he walks in there with people that he already knows?” –Joseph (to Terrance)”All right Joseph, let’s get everybody together. The more information I can get out of these guys before I go back in the House, the better.” –Terrance (in DR)”He’s gonna come to you with stuff, he’s coming to you with stuff that I said. I don’t know what he could come with.” –Kyle (trying to cover his butt before inevitable meeting)”Please can this be a thing. Like, f— those guys in there!” –Kyle (when Terrance suggests a Final 4 with him, Alyssa and Turner)”The Afterparty that’s gonna fire after this.” –Turner (naming their new alliance)”I have no idea what’s going on in BroChella, but things could have changed as quickly as they changed out here. Kyle has blown up The Leftovers and these people, for all I know, could be all I have. So if I can convince these guys to keep me, I’m ready to roll with them.” –Joseph (in DR)”Daniel is the reason you came down, not Kyle. We, including Kyle, agreed you would be the one to go home.” –Joseph (to Dyre Fest)”What about Five Swatters? Did you take information back?” –Alyssa”Yes. Kyle, as well. I don’t know if Kyle came in to you and already said, ‘Hey, this alliance is fake.’ You know until this point we didn’t talk much game. I purposely did that because I didn’t want to lie, I tried to avoid it as much as I can.” –Joseph”You’ve lied to me more than I’ve lied to you. Why should I believe anything you say now if you’re just a big liar?” –Alyssa”You did work both sides of the House. You were loyal to us, but the other side of the House you were not loyal to. I love you, Joseph, But I only felt like I was in The Leftovers because I happened to win HOH that week. I felt like me and Kyle are the only ones in alliance who had these people’s backs and that’s why we were on the outskirts.” –Turner (to Joseph)”There’s a showmance out here.” –Joseph (to Terrance)”But the crazy thing about them being in a showmance, they don’t vote the same. You rock with Monte.” –Terrance (to Joseph)”The people at BroChella have no idea the type of savages the people at Dyre Fest have turned into.” –Turner (in DR)”I just want you guys to know, this change is something none of us expected. And in doing so, it opened up a new chapter to enter back into that House. You guys have a difficult decision to make, you guys have to pick someone to go with you going back in there. And in picking someone, I hope you pick the person that’s always shown to be a team player and if you guys do that, or not, I’ll respect it completely. Love you all, and thank you.” –Joseph (save-me speech)”This week has been a challenge for all of us, and yet we face an even bigger challenge with the four remaining Houseguests inside. I hope I’ve proven in this game that I can win competitions and that behind closed doors I’ve kept you both safe. We have a battle going in there and to quote one of the most infamous bromances this show has ever seen, Terrance, Alyssa, Turner, let’s go to war.” –Kyle (save-me speech)

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