Best Of Bharat: Contemporary Indian cartoonists that needs a mention- Satish Acharya, Manjul

New Delhi: There is a long legacy of famous caricature artists and cartoonist since time immemorial. This heritage has been preserved by our contemporary cartoonists as well. Two such names are Satish Acharya and Manjul.

1. Satish Acharya is a self-taught cartoonist, who was featured on “United Sketches” as a professional cartoonist from India. Acharya was also listed among the “24 Intellectuals” by Forbes India, in 2015.

Acharya and his works

An ardent cartoonist of the 21st century, Satish Acharya’s works have been published in reputed publications such as The Wall Street Journal and The Guardian. To mention, he got his first break as a political cartoonist with Mumbai-based English tabloid Midday. Satish Acharya’s cartoon on the Charlie Hebdo Massacre was regarded as the one of the most powerful cartoons. Acharya has released five cartoon books, of which are Mein, Hum and AAP in English. Cartoonishta in Kannada and Negipuggi in Kundapra Kannada. His cricket-cartoon book Non-Striker was officially released on 31 January 2015 in Bengaluru. His latest cartoon book, ‘Go Corona Go’ was released in 2021 and became one of the first cartoon books with the pandemic as a theme.

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2. Manjul is an Indian political cartoonist of today’s time. He worked with major publications like Dainik Jagran, rashtriya Sahara, Financial Express, India Today, The Economic Times Daily News and Analysis. . He is also a winner of Maya Kamath Memorial Awards for Excellence in Cartooning 2009.

Manjul and his works

Some of his works include- Irregular, Daily pocket cartoon column about political and social events appears in Daily News and Analysis. Nobody’s Business, Daily pocket cartoon column about office humour appears in DNA Money, Daily News and Analysis. Toon In, twice a week editorial cartoon column appears in Daily News and Analysis. Apart from these, there are many columns curated by Manjul for some of the major Indian publications.

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