Arvind Kejriwal takes part in Pran-Pratishtha & Maha Aarti of Rudraksha Shivling in Rajkot

New Delhi: Aam Aadmi Party National Convenor and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal took part in the Praan Pratishtha & Maha Aarti of the 25 feet huge Rudraksha Shivling in Rajkot, Gujarat. He said that he got an auspicious opportunity to come to worship the idol of Lord Shiva today and considers himself very fortunate.

He added, “Charity is very important in our Hindu religion. We earn both to feed our stomachs and to do charity in our own way. Someone builds a temple, someone donates to a temple, someone arranges water for the people. Some build schools for the children of the poor, some build hospitals for the treatment of the poor. All this is an act of religion and virtue.”

Arvind Kejriwal said that at present AAP is running the Delhi Government according to the principles of Dharma. “We don’t know how to practice politics. We build schools in Delhi, where the children of the common man study. We give good education to children. We build hospitals for everyone. We have made the treatment of the poor and the rich alike, free of cost in Delhi. We have done tremendous work in government schools in Delhi. In Delhi, children of the underprivileged, rickshaw pullers and labourers are becoming engineers, doctors and lawyers. This is an act of charity.

In Hinduism, we have been taught that we should do virtue. One has to work selflessly to live this life. We are running the Delhi Government with the same selfless spirit. Today I got a chance to come here. I took blessings of Lord Shiva who gave me a chance to come amongst all of you. I am very thankful to Lord Shiva today.”

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