Amid complaints over mess food, whistleblower constable alleges ‘admin tried to declare me mentally unfit’

New Delhi: Anguished by ‘bad food quality’ several policemen from Uttar Pradesh have been complaining against the administration for serving cold and inedible food. However, the administrations are not taking it seriously.

Manoj Kumar, a constable from Uttar Pradesh’s Firozabad who appeared in front of media complaining against bad food quality, on Wednesday accused the administration of trying to label him as ‘mentally unstable’.

Kumar said the police had taken him to Agra to get him declared as “mental”. He further alleged that the Reserve Inspector (R.I.) tried to pressurise the victim and physically assault him. The victim constable urged UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to intervene in the matter and help him.

खाने की गुणवत्ता सुधारने के बजाए फिरोजाबाद पुलिस आरक्षी मनोज कुमार को ही पागल ठहराने में जुटी है। अभ इनको लंबी छुट्टी पर भेज दिया गया है। उम्मीद है दंडात्मक कार्रवाई के बजाए समस्या को दूर करने पर ध्यान केंद्रित होगा।

— Ravish Ranjan Shukla (@ravishranjanshu) August 17, 2022

Kumar further said he has recorded his statement with Circle City Officer but he was not provided the photocopy of his complaint despite asking for several times.

Meanwhile in such another case coming from UP, the SP of neigbhouring district of Firozabad, Mainpuri, visited the police mess to find out that the prepared food was of bad quality. He got furious when he found that the “Dal” was more of water than other ingredients and the pulse itself.

12-15 घंटे की ड्यूटी के बाद मिलता है ऐसा खाना !

◆मैनपुरी के SP पुलिस मेस का खाना देखकर भड़के, पूछा- ‘दाल में पानी या पानी में दाल’

— News24 (@news24tvchannel) August 17, 2022

Earlier, in another video taking rounds on the social media, the constable Manoj was seen protesting on roads with the food served in the mess. During his demonstration he cried while reiterating that after the duty of 12-13 hours, the constables are being served with such food.

A UP police constable posted in Firozabad district protests against the quality of food served at the mess in police lines. He was later whisked away. A probe has been ordered.

— Piyush Rai (@Benarasiyaa) August 10, 2022

The constable accused that he had taken the matter to the top officials who ignored him several times. He said his urge is for good food only.

After the video went viral, the constable was sent on ‘long leave’. Following this, the constable claimed that his job is in danger as he has been forcefully sent on leave.

With such incidents coming forward, the police administration comes under the question if it mistreats its policemen. In their defence, the Firozabad Police said the constable has been punished at least 15 times for indiscipline.






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