All Hell Breaks Loose as JWoww, Angelina and The Situation Fight Explodes on Jersey Shore Family Vacation

The Sitch hit the fan on Thursday’s new hour of “Jersey Shore Family Vacation,” as bubbling tensions between Jenni “JWoww” Farley, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and Angelina Pivarnick blew up in dramatic fashion during a group trip to San Diego.

Going into the trip, the three all had various issues with one another. Angelina was ticked at Mike for talking to her ex Chris Larangeira and telling the group she allegedly leaked the infamous wedding speech to the press. She was also angry at Jenni for slamming her publicly over the allegation without talking to her about it first. Jenni, meanwhile, was mad at Angelina about the leak rumor and upset with Mike for playing both sides by talking trash about Pivarnick on a group text, while being friendly with her on the side. She also called him a pot-stirrer for wanting her to interview Angelina’s alleged side-piece on his podcast, something she wanted no part of.

Yeah, there was a lot to unpack and they wasted no time getting into it when JWoww, Angelina, Deena and Snooki sat down together when they arrived in SoCal. While Angelina already addressed her issues with the other two women, she and Jenni still hadn’t hashed things out. When they reunited, she immediately brought up the “elephant in the room” — and while Deena and Nicole tried to duck out, Jenni forced them to stay in a “hostage situation” that seemingly lasted hours.

Jenni said she was still mad Angelina allegedly leaked the speech, which Pivarnick continued to deny.

“Angelina, you don’t admit anything, ever! Grow some balls. Just f—ing tell the truth,” JWoww told her. “I’m telling you the truth on everything right now. All you have to do is say, I f—ing sold the speech, who gives a f—?!”

When Angelina asked for proof she leaked it, Jenni asked the other two girls if they believed Pivarnick’s side of the story. Both said they didn’t care anymore, as a very frustrated Deena exclaimed, “If you leaked it, good for you. If you didn’t leak it, I don’t give a f—! I am so done!”

Jenni admitted she shouldn’t have gone to Twitter to vent her anger, instead of addressing Angelina in person, before Pivarnick made it clear she didn’t want any of them listening to or talking to Chris going forward. At that point, they seemed okay, before Jenni started filling in her costar on where Mike and his wife Lauren fit into everything. She relayed the information about the podcast interview and said Lauren wanted Jenni to block Angelina on social media, claiming Lauren called her a “dirty little hamster” when she did it.

“He’s coming to us trying to expose you and going to you being very friendly. I defended you because I don’t like what Mike’s doing to you,” she said, just as Mike and Lauren showed up — not realizing what they had just walked into. Angelina was livid and told both of them that they needed to talk. Mike, thinking he had already smoothed things over with Ange, had no idea what was going on.

After she asked him about the podcast situation, Mike said the entire cast doesn’t “agree with the way that Angelina lives her life or makes decisions.” She shot back, “That’s my f—ing business, Mike,” before he told her her life was a “mess.”

Lauren, meanwhile, said the interview pitch was simply a “bad taste joke” and Angelina was “getting worked up about something that was never going to happen.” Pivarnick didn’t buy it and then brought up how she told Jennie to block her. “I think we should just all get off social media,” exclaimed Deena, as she, Snooki and Vinny Guadagnino kept repeating in confessionals how much they wanted out of this fight and into a pool party going on outside below. “This is such a waste of a day, I’m jumping!” said Nicole.

As the argument went on, Angelina then turned her anger toward pretty much everyone in the room, telling them all to “stop being fake.” She shouted, “None of you talk about your own f—ing lives, how about that? Vinny, you had a girlfriend for how many years and nobody knew about it!”

“You’re the only one that does crazy s—!” Vinny shot back. “Angelina got some set of balls to say she’s the only person that shares her life. We all share our lives. It’s just that you share your crazy life.”

Snooki said she keeps certain things private out of respect to her kids, Jenni exclaimed that they all “gave everything,” while Deena said she has a “beautiful family” whose fights would be “boring” to watch on television. At this point, Mike was just happy the heat was off of him, as they all told Angelina nobody forced her to talk about her messy life on camera.

“I’m an authentic person,” she said, as Mike asked, “because you’re a cheater?”

“Why do you care? Why does he care so bad about my sex life?” she responded, again denying any cheating allegations. “Does he want me to set up a camera in my bedroom? I’m going through my own s—,” she continued, before saying to Jenni, “When you were going through your divorce, I gave you respect.”

With that, Volcano JWoww erupted again, shouting, “Because everyone gave that respect and I wasn’t f—ing dudes behind his back. Plain and simple. You’re messy and it comes back on us!” As Angelina tried to interject, Jenni kept going, telling her costar to “shut the f— up” and shouting “I’M NOT F—ING DONE” about 10 times. “Stop interrupting me,” she exclaimed, “I’m sick of it!”

That’s where the episode ended, with very little resolved and Snooki, Deena and Vinny watching their dreams of a San Diego pool party vanish before their very eyes.

We’ll see if they’re able to patch things up next week, as new episodes of “Jersey Shore Family Vacation” drop Thursdays on MTV.

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