3 IAF officers sacked for misfiring BrahMos into Pakistan

New Delhi: Three Air Force officers who accidentally fired BrahMos missiles on Pakistan have been sacked. The Indian Air Force (IAF) gave this information on Tuesday.

According to the IAF, the services of three officers have been terminated for the accidental firing of the BrahMos missile. According to the IAF, a BrahMos missile was accidentally fired on March 9, 2022.

Court of Inquiry was established

A Court of Inquiry (Col) set up to establish the facts of the case, including fixing responsibility for the incident, found that the Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) by the three officers led to the accidental firing of the missile.

3 IAF officers sacked

The IAF held three officers responsible for the incident. The Central Government has terminated his services with immediate effect. On August 23, the officers have been ordered to be dismissed.

3 IAF officers terminated for BrahMos missile accidental firing incident

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Misfire due to technical glitch

The Indian government have earlier informed that three missiles were accidentally fired on March 11. The misfire occurred through a technical glitch. At that time the Pakistani military said that an Indian missile had entered Pakistani airspace. They further said that it had caused some damage to surrounding areas after it landed near Mian Channu area in its territory.

At the same time, the Defense Ministry said that it had ordered a Court of Inquiry into the incident and said that it was a matter of relief that no one died due to the accidental firing.

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