Zlatan Ibrahimovic inspires generations with 6 packs at 40

New Delhi: AC Milan legendary footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic is about to turn 41 years but his body tells a whole different story. In the recently shared picture, the star can be seen well built up with 6 packs abs and biceps that can inspire many generations to come.
Ibrahimovic shared a topless image looking supremely ripped and captioned it, “Different Breed” and it’s hard to disagree. At the age of 40, nobody would have questioned Zlatan if he decided to hang up his boots with such a serious injury.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic shares picture of ‘different breed’

In the last season, Ibrahimovic held the silverware of Serie A high when his side AC Milan, won the Scudetto after 11 long years.
Later, the Swedish star revealed that he was suffering from knee injury and had played for six months with ACL in his knee. He has undergone a surgery and will be out of game till January 2023.

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Zlatan has signed a new one-year contract at AC Milan. The former Sweden international has once again proven he is the ultimate athlete, and “lions don’t compare themselves to humans” after sharing a picture of his physique online.
 “For the past six months I played without an ACL in my left knee. Swollen knee for six months. I was only able to train with the team 10 times in the last six months. Took more than 20 injections in six months. Emptied the knee once a week for six months. Painkillers every day for six months. Barely slept for six months because of the pain. Never suffered so much on and off the pitch. I made something impossible to something possible. In my mind I had only one objective, to make my teammates and coach champions of Italy because I made them a promise. Today I have a new ACL and another trophy.”
It’s quite remarkable for someone with such a big ego to be so well loved. Zlatan has previously spoken about his ego saying Mohammad Ali is one of his role models, explaining, “He was talking, but what he said he did. He had a big mouth, but he demonstrated also in the ring. He believed in his [principles] and he never gave them up.”
“I know the way I am, by my mentality, of course, I believe in myself. Where I come from, it is important to believe in yourself. Arrogance comes by itself, you don’t choose to be it, you either are a leader or you’re not. I think what is important, for me on the football field, if I do nothing there, then everybody will look like a clown, walking around trying to be something you’re not. If you demonstrate it on the field, then it’s the perfect match.”

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