Why Blake Lively Told Ryan Reynolds to Sleep on the Couch

It looks like Blake Lively may have booted her husband Ryan Reynolds from their bedroom last night.

On Thursday, the actress took to her Instagram Stories to hilariously troll her husband over his new ad for Mint Mobile, making it clear he was in the dog house.

Lively, 34, shared a clip of the commercial, which featured Reynolds, 45, discussing the company’s new family plan. In the video, the actor told the camera, “I asked my wife and plan member to back me up.”

A woman then joined him on set — but instead of Lively herself, it was stand-in actress. “You’re not my wife,” Reynolds told the substitute, who replied, “No, I just stand in for her on set during the boring stuff.”

“The boring stuff? I’m announcing a family plan where just two lines gets everyone a $15 price,” the “Free Guy” actor exclaimed, adding that he’s “literally revolutionizing the category!”

The blonde Lively stand-in noted that Blake “owes me huge for this one,” before Reynolds asked her if he could “let my wife know that I’m upset.” He then backtracked, saying, “No, don’t tell her I said that!”

Lively took the opportunity to poke fun at her husband — as the couple often does — over the commercial, saying he needs to pay up if he wants his “real wife” to star in an ad with him.

“Darling, if you charge more, you could afford me. Sorry, [love] Your real wife,” she wrote over the ad in her Instagram Story.

Then, in response to Reynolds claiming he’s “revolutionizing” family plans, Lively joked, “@vancityreynolds, my love, feel free to revolutionize the couch when you sleep on it tonight!!”

A previous ad for the company and its family plan included Blake’s sister, “Teen Witch” actress Robyn Lively.

Lively and Reynolds have been married since 2012, and share three daughters: James, 7, Inez, 5, and Betty, 2.

The “Gossip Girl” alum and “Deadpool” star are, of course, notorious for throwing jabs at one another on social media as it’s how they traditionally express their love and affection publicly.

See more of their funniest social media moments below!

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