Want to become rich? Follow these Warren Buffett tips

Warren Buffett Tips: Warren Buffett, a veteran investor and one of the world’s richest people, is known for his charity. His annual Buffet Power Lunch, organized every year to further the cause of charity, has always been in the headlines.

He has already announced that he will donate almost all his property after his death. Now he has given the mantra to the youth of the world to become rich.

Warren Buffett tips to boost personal value

Warren Buffett has given an easy mantra to get rich in a post shared on the social media platform LinkedIn. He said that in order to increase their value, it is necessary for the youth to focus on two things. By learning to write and speak clearly, any person can increase their value by at least 50 percent.

In a video posted on social media, Warren Buffett said, “The easiest way to increase your value by 50 percent is to improve your communication skills. You have knowledge, but if you cannot convey it to people in a better way, then it has no value.

This video of Warren Buffett on LinkedIn has been shared by Michael Hood, co-founder of Voiceflow, a Canadian startup company.

In the video, Warren Buffett says, “It is important to improve communication skills. This includes the art of writing and speaking. If you can’t communicate properly then it proves to be just like you are pointing a girl in the dark with your eyes. It is of no use. You have the knowledge of the whole world, but if you cannot reach it to the people, then all the knowledge is meaningless.

This is Warren Buffett’s total net worth

Warren Buffett is known as the Big Bull of the stock market. He has created billions of wealth by investing money in the stock market. Right now he is in seventh place in the list of the world’s richest people.

The total net worth of 91-year-old Warren Buffett is currently $ 99.8 billion. He is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Company, which invests in all the big companies of the world. Apart from this, Berkshire Hathaway’s portfolio includes sectors from consumer business to insurance.

Veteran Investors Famous for Charity

Warren Buffett is also known for charity. He is one of the biggest charitable billionaires in the world. His annual Buffet Power Lunch, which is organized every year to further the work of charity, has always been in the headlines. This year Warren Buffett is attending the Power Lunch for the last time and this last event has set a unique record. An unknown bidder has bid around Rs 150 crore to have lunch with Warren Buffett. eBay and the Glide Foundation jointly organized the auction for the Buffett Power Luncheon. The initial bid in this auction was 25 thousand dollars i.e. about 19 lakh rupees. In this auction that started on June 12, on June 17, an unknown bidder made a bid of $ 19,000,100 i.e. about Rs 148.34 crore. This proved to be the highest bid.

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