Viral Video: Korean students’ dance on ‘Ghangara’ impresses Indians

Viral Video: The Indian item number ‘Ghagara’ from the movie ‘Ye Jawani Hai Deewani’ already had enough the potential to make everyone dance on its bombastic rhythm but this time, it’s craze have crossed the national boundaries.

A group of Korean students chose the song to perform in an event. In the video, the Korean pairs of girls and boys were seen wearing Indian attires. Girls wore “Ghagara” matching with the song’s name while the boys were donning Kurtas.

Be it Korea but the group did not fail to impress Indian audience with the slaying dance moves. The swirling ghagra of the ladies makes people vibe with it.

A user on YouTube commented: Wow, that’s quite unexpected but perfectly done. While the Korean students gathered a lot of appreciation, there were some people who were craving for the full videos.

The video was posted by a YouTube handle called k_drama boy

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