Viral video: Bird changes its color, delights netizens

Viral video: Have you ever seen a bird that changes color? If not, we will not only show you its picture but also the video which is going viral on social media. People watching it are surprised by its unique power. Actually, this unique or strange power of her is in her wings, whose color she changes whenever she wants like a chameleon. Just like a chameleon is known to change the color of its skin, similarly this bird is changing color. Seeing this video which is becoming increasingly viral on social media, you will also say something similar.

The stunning colors of the Anna’s hummingbird are iridescence caused by light scattering from nanoscale structures within their

— Wonder of Science (@wonderofscience) July 21, 2022

Color changing bird

Seeing the video of this unique bird, you will also be mesmerized. This humming bird is sitting on a man’s hand, which gradually changes its color from dark green to black before gradually changing to bright pink. All these colors then change as the bird turns its head in different directions. This is the reason that whoever saw this video, just kept watching.

The video going viral on social media has been shared with the official Twitter account of Wonder of Science. This video is getting a lot of love from internet netizens. So far it has been viewed about 3 million times on the internet and internet users are giving their different reactions on this video.


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