Viral Video: 1 leopard, 12 lions; WATCH who wins?

Viral Video: Millions of people are interested in jungle and wild lions. Although usually a powerful animal is seen hunting or keeping an eye on a weaker animal, but when two wild animals come face to face, the situation becomes quite serious. Although all the videos of lions, tigers, leopards go viral on social media every day, now in the video we have brought for you features a group of lions attacking the single leopard.

This video is shared by Malamala Game Reserve channel on Youtube and has been watched by more than 6m users. In this 12 lions can be seen and a leopard is buried in the middle of them.

The video shows pride of lions trying to shoo off a leopard . As the video goes on, the riled-up leopard violently attacks the lions that were trying to jump and claw it from behind. The scene may remind you of a film’s hero trying to fight many villains off at once.

The video has been viewed over 6 million times and left people stunned. The comments section had several people cheering for the brave leopard.

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