Vakri Guru 2022: Retrograde Jupiter to provide benefits to THESE zodiac signs, Check here

Guru Vakri 2022: Devguru Jupiter transits from one zodiac to another in 13 months. Jupiter is going to be retrograde in its own sign Pisces from 29th July. The retrograde phase of the planet Jupiter refers to its reverse movement. The planet Jupiter is considered to be the lord of two zodiac signs – Sagittarius and Pisces. Devguru Brihaspati will move retrograde in its own sign Pisces for the next five months. The effect of retrograde motion of Jupiter will be seen on all the 12 zodiac signs. Know on which zodiac signs the retrograde guru will have an important effect-

Taurus- The people of Taurus zodiac can get auspicious results when Jupiter is retrograde from July 29. Income may increase. There will be an increase in material comforts. You will get respect in the workplace. Job seekers can get good news.

Cancer- Cancerians will have special grace in the retrograde phase of Jupiter. During this time you will actively participate in religious activities. There will be good opportunities in the job and there is a possibility of promotion. People looking for employment can get good news. There will be an increase in prestige.

Virgo – For the people of Virgo, the retrograde of Jupiter will prove to be auspicious. During this time you will get success in work. You will get the support of family and spouse. The avenues of economic progress will open.

Scorpio- Scorpio people will get good results during this period. Paused work will be done. There will be new opportunities in the job. Respect will increase in the society. Traders can make good profits. You will not face any kind of problem in terms of health.

Aquarius- The people of Aquarius zodiac are likely to benefit only during this period. This time is nothing less than a boon for you. Married life will be pleasant. Change in job is possible. Money can be beneficial.

Pisces – Retrograde Jupiter can bring auspicious results for the people of Pisces. Those who work hard will get good results. There will be sums of money gains. With the advancement in the job, there will be chances of increase in income. There will be a chance of traveling abroad.

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