Three wheelers told to register with police, fuel from one designated station

It is compulsory to register all three wheelers to obtain fuel since only registered three wheelers will be issued fuel from August 1 at one fuel station of the vehicle owner’s choice.

Accordingly all three wheel owners are requested to register their three wheelers with the nearest police station at their respective police division before July 31 to obtain Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) fuel.

When registering with the police station the owners have to nominate a filling station, from where they can obtain fuel.

From August 1, only registered three wheelers will be issued fuel from the nominated filling station.

This move is taken to thwart fuel related illegal activities linked to three wheeler drivers.

Meanwhile users of garden equipment, generators, chain saw and other equipment, which require fuel, are also advised to register with their respective Divisional Secretariats to obtain their weekly fuel requirement by the CPC. They also have to nominate a convenient filling station for them to obtain their weekly fuel quota.

by Daily News Sri Lanka

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